Babel Weekly – 41

41 Weeks Old

You’ve now spent 41 weeks out in the world, just as long as you have spent in my belly! You were born when I was exactly 41 weeks pregnant. Time is flying and I’m already gathering items for your first birthday in 11 weeks.

First tooth erupted, but he won't let us see

We discovered your very first tooth this week! This makes me excited and scared at the same time… please, don’t bite me.

You were playing with your favorite pill bottle, and suddenly little pieces of silver were appearing around your mouth. I saw tooth scratches on the bottle’s label and could not believe my eyes. I tried my best to look into your mouth, but you wouldn’t have it. But I did manage to feel a little ribbly tooth on the bottom right front of your mouth, and later I saw a slit in your gums all ready for your tooth to grow through! No wonder you’ve been extra challenging this past week.

Babel and a Nectarine

Needless to say, you can’t play with that bottle anymore. But your new tooth may help you with your food adventures during Babel-led Weaning. Although you’ve been doing really well lately, even without teeth. Just look at what you did to that nectarine above.

New House in Derby

In other news, we got the house in Derby we went to look at last week! This will be the first actual house Daddy and I will live in together, we’ve only ever lived in apartments. And obviously, this will also be your first house to live in! The coming weeks will be busy, trying to arrange everything for our big move and a 2+ week trip to Japan smack dab in the middle of it all…

After our last swim with Papa at Buxton Pool

I’m going to miss Buxton, and it makes me sad to realize you will not be able to remember Buxton when you grow up. But this is where you started your adventure in the world, and we’ve made lots of memories here already. We’ll just have to tell you about them, and of course we have numerous photos and videos. Last weekend, our pool/gym subscription ended, so we used the opportunity to go for one last swim with Daddy at the lovely pool across the park. I spent a lot of time there, especially when I was pregnant with you. I’m going to miss that pool.

Tubbin' itMonsoon in BuxtonChillin' in my tubbie

I’m not going to miss our bathroom here in Buxton. It’s actually quite nice but completely inconvenient, especially to bathe you. I used to bathe you in the kitchen and now on our shower floor. Our new house has 3 bathrooms (a bit excessive, I know), 2 with showers and 1 with a bathtub! The one with the tub is definitely going to be your bathroom.

Creepy Crawler, almostLaunching

You’re extremely active these days. You try to crawl forwards, but you usually move backwards. It often looks like you’re going to launch yourself from sitting position. You’re good at pulling yourself up and standing, and I’ve seen you move your feet forward while standing, so I imagine cruising the furniture is not far away… I have seen you almost move from sleeping on your back to sleeping on your side, but actual rolling from back to front still hasn’t happened, though.


4 thoughts on “Babel Weekly – 41

  1. Ohh a house, how exciting. We also have only lived in apartments thus far but we hope to get around a house in the next few years :)
    the first teeth/ all teeth are a very hard time, the baby might get slight fever sometimes and will be extra fussy due to the pain. We got some paste to put on the gums, but no idea if it really works. It is just some “natural” product but it seems he calms a bit down each time ( I think it is this one )

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