Babel Weekly – 40

40 Weeks Old

40 weeks old, wow! And yes, that also makes you nine months old. In three months we’ll be celebrating your first birthday, it’s hard to believe. I have been looking at some old photos and videos of you as a newborn and oh my gosh you’ve changed so very much. Officially, you’re still a baby, but when I see those videos, I wonder where my baby has gone. Thankfully, you haven’t lost any of your cuteness and we still think you are the most adorable thing on earth. Our love for you only grows by the day.

9 Months Old!

The biggest theme of this past week was looking for a new home in Derby. Papa has been working there for more than a year now, and loses so much time commuting there, that it only makes sense we all move to Derby. Papa wants to have more time with you, who can blame him?!

New Baby Lazy-Boy

Besides researching lots of houses and apartments in Derby, Mama also ordered you a new car seat. You’ve been way too big for the one you were in when we brought you home from the hospital, but since we don’t have a car we never bought you a bigger one. We rented a car to go check out some potential new places in Derby, so we needed your new car seat to bring you along.

This car seat should last you until you are eleven years old, when it will function as a booster seat. I’m not sure it was really comfortable though. The car’s headrest tilted the whole of your car seat slightly forward on the top, and you looked especially uncomfortable when you were trying to sleep in there. I tried really hard to get that headrest out of the way, but it was pointless.

During previous car trips, in your old car seat and also in the one Oma borrowed for you when we in the Netherlands, you were fine. This car trip you were quite fussy, I blame the awkward position in the new car seat.

New Car Seat

Our trip to Derby was kind of succesful, nonetheless. We found a house we would love to rent. So we put an application in and we’ll probably spend this week hoping we pass their inspection and will be allowed to rent that house. If everything goes well, we’ll move there a week after we come back from our trip in Japan. Whoa, busy times ahead, please be nice to Mama while she tries to arrange and organize everything.

Swinging with Papa

I always get a little sad when we leave a place to move somewhere new. This has happened a lot, so you’d think I’d be used to it by now, but this move will be especially hard for me. I’ve already shed a few tears at the prospect of leaving Buxton behind. This is where I experienced being pregnant, where I started my journey as your mama, and where we spent many happy moments together in the beautiful park in front of our apartment. Still, moving to Derby is the best decision for us as a family right now, and we’ll get to see a lot more of Papa that way. Well, we have a few more weeks in Buxton left, let’s enjoy it to the fullest!

Helping Mama SortLaundry Boy

In other news, you are very mobile, active and verbal these days. You don’t know quite how to crawl forward yet, but you keep trying and you do manage to move around the room in various other ways. You love climbing, standing up, and making all kinds of loud laughing and yelling sounds. You always keep us entertained and you love interacting with us. You’ve started to wave in reaction to us waving at you. Also, for some reason you love tilting your head, sometimes even putting it on the floor. It looks very cute.

Friends with the OttomanWatching TV

These days, I am definitely considered your comfort zone, you like to be near me otherwise you fuss. You stop complaining or crying as soon as I hold you. As your mama, that makes me very loved but also it keeps me very busy!


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