Babel Weekly – 39

39 Weeks Old

39 weeks old and you’re showing off the Batik shirt auntie Censa brought you from Indonesia. Everyone knows you are Dutch and Japanese, but you are also part Indonesian, since your mama is half Dutch and half Indonesian by blood.

My sweet boys

It snowed again this week! It is winter so we expect it in Buxton. Papa and I got ourselves some snow grips for our shoes because it gets really slippery on the snow and ice. You don’t need any yet since I still carry you around in the Ergo Carrier, which means I really need them. They work well, it’s just hard to put them on when you are in the bag. Thankfully, the snow has melted again so for now we don’t need to worry about them.

Admiring the snow with dad
Eating snow

We made sure you got to touch the snow this time, we forgot to let you do that the first you saw snow. You even got to taste it, but you weren’t too impressed by the taste. Who can blame you?!

Water Monkey

Since you’ve become a climbing and standing monkey lately, I can’t bathe you in the bath standard anymore. So now I have to put you on the floor of the shower, which is not great because it hurts my back, but you need to bathed from time to time so it’s happening. You seemed to like the new environment and were ready to climb into the shower hose.


You still don’t roll from back to front, but a couple of days ago you figured out how to get yourself into a sitting position from lying on your front. You push yourself up on your arms until your are on your hands and knees and then you push your bum back into sitting position. It’s really very impressive and we’re very proud of you and you look proud of yourself everytime you do it.

Also, today you waved (although a bit funnily) on purpose for the first time. Oma was waving to you on FaceTime and after studying her wild behavior for a little while, you lifted your right hand and moved it up and down in a floppy manner. Excitement all around!

Someone stole my apple
Sudden love for strawberries

Babel-Led Weaning: Two weeks ago, I said that you hadn’t really figured out the eating thing yet. At the beginning of this week, was the first time that we really saw you eat on purpose. You weren’t just exploring textures and tastes or just playing with the food, you were chewing your chicken. And when it came out of your mouth you kept putting it back to chew some more and swallow it all! This week you’ve eaten lots of chicken, simply because we love eating chicken ourselves and you eat what we eat.

The fact that you have no teeth does not bother you in the slightest. You still manage to gnaw of pieces of apple and chew it with your gums. You also did your best on some sweet potato, avocado, mango, tomatoes, and strawberries this past week. Now that you seem to have figured out the eating thing, I will do my best to re-introduce many new tastes and textures. I already know you love chicken and apple, I wonder what other foods will become your favorites.


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