Babel Weekly – 38

38 Weeks Old!

As I’m writing this Buxton is being covered in snow. Winter has arrived, alright. Thank goodness, you have this lovely orange wintersuit to keep you warm when we go outside. We’ve already walked through the falling snowflakes twice this week. You don’t seem to particularly like or dislike the snow, but you were trying hard to taste the flakes with your tongue. That little tongue of yours keeps making appearances this week. It’s like you have a very curious snake in your mouth.

Walking through the snowflakes
Diggin' the swing

Since it’s so cold and wet outside, the park is quite empty, especially when everyone is at work and school. So I took you to the ‘adult’ playground to do some swinging on the big spiderweb swing. You sit very sturdily these days (even though you don’t know how to get into sitting position by yourself yet) so you did really well on the big swing.

Lighter and taller: 11.14 kg and 73.5 cm

At this week’s weigh-in we found out you lost a little weight, you went from 11.25 kg to 11.14 kg, yet you also grew a little taller from 72 cm to 73.5 cm. I was pretty sure you hadn’t gained much, because I carry you everywhere all day long, and you just haven’t been feeling that much heavier, also your legs seemed a little thinnner. It makes sense that you’ve lost a little weight, because you’ve been getting lots of excercise as you’re becoming more mobile by the day, and you’ve been sick for most of last month.

The antibiotics that the Dutch doctor prescribed to you last month have given you an unfortunate case of the bum thrush. It’s the first time you’ve have had a full blown diaper rash. I am happy to report that the cream the health visitor prescibed at the weigh-in is already working wonders on your sore bum.

Very happy about his new skill

Why do you look so happy in the photo above? Because that’s right after you’ve pulled yourself up to stand for the very first time! That took me completely by surprise and my excitement made you very happy.

Standing Around

You still don’t know how to roll over from back to front, you can’t sit yourself up, and you don’t know how to crawl (although in the last week we’ve been seeing you make lots of efforts toward crawling), but you are very good at bum scooting and now also at pulling yourself up to stand! You love practicing your new skill, and we love watching you do that.


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