Babel Weekly – 37

37 Weeks Old!

Last week, at the Efteling we saw a lot of dragons, and even more in the gift store. When we spotted this cool dragon onesie, there was no question we had to get that for you! I think you beat the T-Rex in the roaring contest (since you actually produce sounds) but he still beats you in the teeth department. His may be made of cloth, but you still don’t have any. As we’re still breastfeeding, I’m totally not complaining about your lack of teeth. Besides, that cool hat completes your dragon-look with more than enough teeth.

Yep, Gyano bought him that shirt

On Sunday, we had to go back home. So it was time to say goodbye to your aunt Censa (who is now back in Indonesia herself) and your uncle Gyano (who obviously bought you that shirt). Your uncle Djamo and aunt Yasmin live in Buxton, like us, and they flew back the next day, so no sad goodbyes there.

Eindhoven Airport

We said goodbye to Oma at the airport. She’s going to miss you a lot, and you will miss her too. You love playing and laughing with her. No worries, Oma and uncle Gyano have already booked a trip to Buxton for February.

Koteras on the plane

Yes, you flew again. And yes, Papa was there with us. But no, it was not a better flight than your first flight. I was just a little worried about your first flight, and things went relatively great. I wasn’t at all worried about your second flight, and things went relatively awful.

On the plane

I was actually expecting a more comfortable flight, because Papa was in the seat next to us and could help us out with holding things and holding you, if necessary. Which did work out that way, but I hadn’t counted on you still being sick and therefore uncomfortable and fussy throughout the day. I already had a problem calming you down when we were still at the gate waiting to board. After lots of crying and struggling there, we discovered a way to breastfeed you while still in the Ergo Carrier (which was a win), and then thankfully you fell asleep. I was hoping that would last until England, but really there was no chance of that after getting on the plane, taking you out of the Ergo Carrier, and squeezing ourselves into the seats and seat belts.

Breastfeeding on the plane

The flight was delayed for 45 minutes, and with all that extra long and boring waiting around at the gate and in the plane, you got fussier and fussier by the minute. Who could blame you? You were already sick, breastfeeding on the plane isn’t very comfortable, especially when your stuffy nose makes breathing and feeding even harder, and due to the delay, you were in a dirty diaper for much longer than you should have been. You spent a lot of the flight crying, screaming, and thrusting your little body every which way it would go in the little space available.

Moments of distraction

You did have a few moments of distraction in which you were calm enough to inspect your surroundings and look out of the window. But it is safe to say, that your second flight did not go well, at all. I think you scared Papa a bit and I’m now officially worried about our long trip to Japan next month.

Once we got off the plane, we quickly changed your diaper, grabbed our luggage, and rushed to the Buxton bus. You soon fell asleep on the bus and were quiet until we got home.

Home sweet home

We’ve spent a relatively relaxing week at home since that stressful ordeal on the flight home. You finally finished all your nasty antibiotics and recovered from that Dutch virus, but then you quickly caught a new English virus.

Snotty Baby

Thankfully, you haven’t experienced any fevers due to this English virus, but it has created bucketloads of snot. Which makes you a super loud snorer, which is a little bit funny, actually. But it also makes breathing difficult again and that interferes with your sleep, and mine, which is not the least bit funny.

Clean Carpet Play!

You are becoming more mobile and you like playing on the floor. Problem was our carpets were dirty. We have vacuumed and vacuumed them, with three different machines, and they all sucked at sucking the dirt from the floor. This week, I ordered our fourth vacuum, and it actually works! Hallelujah, our carpets are finally clean!

New vacuum killed the Ergo Carrier's safety strap

The new vacuum actually works so well that it accidentally sucked up my Ergo Carrier’s main safety strap. I quickly tried to pull it out, but the suction was way too strong, I struggled and turned the vacuum off. It was too late, our new powerful sucking machine had melted and destroyed the strap. It is no longer safe for me to carry you in it.

I bummed hard for a moment until I remembered our contents insurance (something we took out when I was still working at the bank) and gave them a call. Soon after, I jumped on Amazon and two days later a new Ergo Carrier arrived at our doorstep!

It's here! The new Ergobaby has arrived.New Ergobaby Carrier Fits!

It’s the same carrier, just the updated and improved 2016 version. Without the noisy velcro waistband (which means I can take the carrier off while you stay asleep after one of our walks) and with more padding in the shoulder straps and breathable mesh and quick-dry fabrics to keep us cool and comfortable. Especially, that last feature will be nice for in Japan, where it’s hot and sticky most of the year, hopefully not this March though, but still now we’re prepared for the worst.

Devouring a chicken leg

Babel-Led Weaning: Yes, you put almost all food in your mouth and give it a good toothless chew and you even swallow most items. You did a really good number on that chicken leg in the photo above, and you finally got to taste my favorite fruit (white nectarines, they’re back in stock, yeah!!) and you gnawed and sucked it like you loved it, for sure.

Still, I can’t say you’ve really figured out this eating thing yet. To satisfy your hunger you always drink breastmilk, and that’s totally fine with me. I have more than enough anyways, and I’ll keep on producing it for as long as you need me to. We’ll just keep offering you food and you get to choose whether you eat it, play with it, or swipe it off your table. You can take all the time you need to experiment with food, you know what’s right for you. It’s called Babel-Led Weaning for a reason.


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