Babel Weekly – 34

34 Weeks Old

This week’s update is coming to you from the Netherlands. That’s right, in your 34th week of life you have finally made it to one of your home countries!

Leaving for the Netherlands
On Monday, you, I and a lot of luggage took a bus to the airport in Manchester.
RyanAir took us to Eindhoven
Then we took a Ryanair plane to Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands.
Squished together in the window seat
Your mama is a bit claustrophobic, and she hates flying in the window seat. But when flying Ryanair with an infant on your lap there’s no other choice than the window seat. As those are the only seats with two oxygen masks in case of an emergency. So we squished ourselves together into the window seat.

Besides the ergo carrier, my purse, and you I brought some other stuff to our seat: a toy to entertain you and my iPhone with your favorite music video in case you got fussy and your water bottle with straw for you to suck in case the air pressure hurt your ears during take-off. Unfortunately, I had nowhere to keep all this stuff since Ryanair doesn’t have nets on the chair backs, and since you were on my lap it was impossible to put stuff under the seat in front of us.

So to say the least, it wasn’t the most comfortable of flights, thank goodness it was only a short flight. In the end, you really did very well during the flight. I ended up breastfeeding you in a sitting position, with your toy around my neck, your water bottle locked between my chin and shoulder, and my purse pushed between the window and my arm. Thankfully you quickly fell asleep and didn’t wake up until we met Oma at the airport in Eindhoven.

On the airplane
We made it through your first flight together, and as hoped (and kind of expected) you did well. When we fly back to England in January, Papa will be with us, so that’ll make things easier. And when we fly to Japan in February you will have your own seat, so that’ll be much more comfortable.
Dutchies in the Netherlands with their new passports
Getting into the country was very easy, since we’re both Dutchies and we had our new shiny Dutch passports with us.
Babel and his oma
Being in the Netherlands means seeing your oma again! You two have been thoroughly enjoying each other’s company. She has a special super power: she can always get to you to giggle and laugh out loud. And we all love the sound of you laughing so cheerily.
Censa, Gyano & Babel
You met uncle Gyano back in Buxton when you were only five weeks old, and now you finally got to meet him again! And you met your auntie Censa, who came over from Indonesia for the holidays, for the first time ever. She’s been looking forward to this moment ever since you were born.
Babel and his great grandmother
Someone else who had been eagerly waiting to meet you is my oma, your great grandmother. Just before you were born, she even bought an iPad to be able to see you on FaceTime every week. She had never done anything on a computer in her life, but uncle Djamo wrote her a basic step-by-step manual on how to use an iPad, FaceTime and how to save your photos that I’ve been sending her through iMessage. This has been working reasonably well, but now she finally got to hold and touch you in real life, and that’s much better of course!
Cousins with their baby boys
I wasn’t my oma’s only granddaughter who recently had a baby boy. My cousin Marjolein gave birth to Rik nearly three weeks after you were born. And we also got to meet them this week!
Babel & Rik playing
Marjolein and Mama couldn’t stop talking about our birth and motherhood experiences, and you and Rik really enjoyed exploring each other. At one point, you fell over and hurt yourself and started crying loudly with thick tears rolling over your cheeks. Rik looked at you, you looked at him, and even though he did not hurt himself, he started doing exactly the same. It was so adorable! There we were, two babies crying their hearts out while staring at each other with teary eyes, and all the adults were laughing out loud.
Meeting People
Of course, there were loads of other Dutchies that you also met this week. Friends of oma and mama, and of course your great aunt Chantal and her family. I think everyone thought you were the most adorable baby ever, of course.
T-Rex & Babel
Because many Dutchies have slippery floors, we have realized you are able to bum scoot! You have been doing the movement for weeks at home already, mostly on our bed, but also on our carpet floors. It always looked very energetic and like you were going to launch yourself into the air, but on a slippery floor it makes you move forward! You are officially a bum scooter. Well done, Babel, you make us very proud.

Something else you have achieved this week: hitting me so hard in the nose with your head that I got a spontaneous nose bleed. Yep, well done on that one as well.

You also managed to acquire another cold. Of course, I really wish you hadn’t. You had your first ever crying bout in the middle of the night, and I couldn’t seem to comfort you for a full 20 minutes. That was not a good feeling.
Dutch Pancakes
Eating Dutch Kibbeling (fried white fish)
Babel-Led Weaning: This week you tried a lot of Dutch food! Dutch cheese (of course), Dutch fries, kibbeling (fried white fish), Dutch pancakes (apple & bacon-cheese-muschrooms), Dutch home-cooking and much, much more. You keep getting better at eating and you keep impressing me!


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