Babel Weekly – 33

33 Weeks OldYou’ve been with us 33 weeks today, and you’re still getting cuter by the week. Your favorite new word this week seems to be “nee” [no in Dutch], and you keep saying it over and over. Sometimes we even wonder if you understand the meaning of the word, as you seem to use it when you don’t want something and also make the right face to accompany the word. Who knows? In any case, you sure are adorable when you tell us “nee nee nee”.

72 cm & 11.25 kgWe went for another weigh-in at the local library. We like to try and guess your new weight and length before we go, every 4 weeks. This time, I happened to guess your 11.25 kg weight correctly, but no one got even close to your current length of 72 cm. But to be fair that was not our fault. Last time, you supposedly measured 73.5 cm, which would have been an amazing 3.5 cm growth in 4 weeks. Therefore, we all thought you were shooting up in centimeters, so we all guessed quite high. My guess was 77 cm even. So when the health visitor measured you and said 71.5 cm, I was very surprised. When she measured you again, I made sure to have a look as well, and we came to a grand total of 72 cm. It was the same lady as last time, so you could say she’s not the most accurate measurer.

Most English parents don’t even check their baby’s length. When you were born no one measured your length, which was very disappointing to me. I kept asking someone to measure you, but being in neonatal care in an incubator, it wasn’t a priority. On your third day in this world, a neonatal nurse tried to measure you with a paper tape measure. It was hard and kind of improvised it, she told me you were 48.5 cm. I was very happy to have something to put on your birth announcement, but I never really believed that measurement to be true. Especially, since 9 days later you were properly measured and we found out you were 54.5 cm tall. I don’t believe you grew 6 cm, especially when you only gained 130 grams since birth, and you were still teeny tiny. We surely would have noticed if you had grown that much in such a short time. So if I’d have to guess, I’d say you were probably 52 cm at birth, but we’ll never know for sure. We do know you weighed 3.71 kg at birth, for sure. Birthday Boy & Babel BoyThis past week you were 32 weeks old and your dad turned 32 years old! His first birthday as a dad.Babel in his boxSoft Play ExcitementSoft Play Paradise to himselfKotera BoysYou had a great day because he took the day off and spent so much time with you. You played in your huge box with loads of wrapping paper, went for a walk in the park, you discovered and loved soft-play at the park cafe, and so did your dad.Blowing Out Candles with DaddyIn the evening, uncle Djamo and aunt Yasmin came over with an awesome homemade fox cake. Just like when it was Oma’s birthday: we did the whole birthday song and blowing candles thing, but this time we sang less exuberantly. I’m happy to report that we succeeded into not scaring the bejeezus out of you, this time.Hiding behind his applePear Before & After BabelBabel-Led Weaning: You love gnawing on whole apples and pears. Sure, you don’t have any teeth, but you don’t seem to need them. Honestly, I’m not too upset that you don’t have any teeth yet. Not looking forward to being bitten during breastfeeding.Broccoli BoyGuacamole GuyAfter-Dinner BabelYou love avocado, just like mama. Store-bought guacamole tastes weird in England, so I make my own. It’s easy and actually tastes like avocado. I love it and you love it. You also love spoon-feeding it to your mouth, your face, your smock, and your table.Having a drink with Uncle DjamoYou are a star at drinking water from the cup with a straw, but you have not mastered drinking from a sippy cup yet. You seem to think the sippy thing is a straw, so you keep sucking it. I’ve tried to demonstrate how you have to tilt the cup up for the water come out, but so far you don’t get it yet. All in good time. You didn’t know how to use the straw cup in the beginning either, you kept chewing it the straw until you accidentally sucked it one day and got rewarded with water. I still remember your wide-eyed expression from when that happened. Keeping an eye on DadYou know, you have this nice large crib bed, but we haven’t really used it yet. At night, you still sleep next to me in your Wool Nest bassinet, or in between us in the large bed. You are getting too big for your bassinet, but we can’t roll the crib into our bedroom because it doesn’t fit through the weird round hallway entrance.

I do change your diapers on the changing mat that goes on top of the crib, which works great because it’s at the perfect height for me. And after a change, I put you in your crib for a minute when I wash my hands. That’s about the extent of crib usage for the past 7 months. So this past week, I rolled your crib into the living room and let you play in it for a bit. You really seemed to enjoy the new vantage point; much easier to keep an eye on everything that’s going on around you. Unfortunately, your mattress is a bit too soft and if you sit in the same place for too long the mattress dent makes you topple over. Still, it works well enough for a while.Flying Babel

Smiling at himself in the iPad


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