Babel Weekly – 31

31 Weeks Old

31 weeks old, that means you’ve passed the 7 month mark. You are now our little (or perhaps big) 7-month-old. You have filled these past 7 month with so much joy and wonder, it’s amazing how you make us feel. Just looking at your smile makes any bad feeling dissipate and fills our hearts with warmth. We are so lucky you are our son.

7 Months Old

Love my Feet

You throwing your legs in the air and holding your feet is still big this week. You even did it during your weekly photo. You seem so comfortable in this position, if you would only throw your legs right or left after they are up, you might discover rolling from your back to your tummy. You mastered rolling the other way months ago, we constantly try teaching you, but the back-tummy roll still hasn’t happened.

Rocking on Hands and Knees

Yet, you seem to be getting to crawl. I put you on your tummy this week, and you unexpectantly pushed yourself up onto your hands and knees and started rocking back and forth. Of course, by the time I managed to get my video camera app ready, you’d stopped doing it. It really surprised me, because according to all the baby websites before crawling you’re supposed to learn how to roll from your back to tummy first, and then learn how to sit up by yourself. So, I’m pretty curious to see your development in this area in the coming weeks.

Fun for Babel & Mama
Nipple Balls Rule

We ordered you a set of balls nearly a month ago, they have finally arrived, and you love playing with them. You are truly a son of your father, because he loves playing with them as well. Your favorite ball is the yellow one covered in nipples. You love sucking on it ;).

OMG Oma's back!

Guess, who’s back again? That’s right, your oma! It’s her birthday this weekend, and she came here to celebrate with all of us and of course for a lot of Babel cuddles.

Tub Fun with Oma
Drying off & Goofing off with Oma
Oma's Glasses

She gets to play with you and you get to wear her glasses, good deal. You look really smart in them!

Milkdrunk Sleepy Faces

Breastfeeding is still going well. Boy, am I going to miss those feeding moments once you decide to wean off of mommy milk. Babel-Led Weaning is still going well. I’ve been trying new recipes, and you’re participating in all of them. Things get swallowed, spit out, and mostly sucked and gnawed a lot. All this is making your drooling worse and therefore your drool rash is a constant itchy problem these days. Lots of Vaseline petroleum jelly to the rescue.

Tangerine Man
Gnawing Mama's Pear
Oma's Grilled Cheese

I don’t really remember the new things you had this week, except tangerine. Things you really loved this week (besides cucumber, your all-time favorite) were pears and grilled cheese sandwiches. You are really impressive, little Babel!


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