Babel Weekly – 30

30 Weeks Old!

Today you’re 30 weeks old and it snowed! It’s not the first time since you’ve been born, it snowed the week you were born when we were still in the hospital back in April. But today is the first time you’ve been out for a walk in the snow.

Babel's first snow!

It was a bit dangerous for us to walk on the slippery and icy snow. It is not as scary as when you were still in my belly, as opposed to the carrier. Still slipping and falling down is not a good idea. A nice lady saw us struggling on a bit of hill at the end of our street, and came over to support us walking down into the park.

Koteras in the Buxton snow

Soon after, we met Papa at the park and he helped us the rest of the way. The snow is beautiful and you were certainly fascinated by the white scenery, but we may have to rethink our daily walks in the park if it stays this icy.

Trying to get Babel to look at the camera for a family selfie

This cutie punches me awake every morning.

Every morning, I get woken up by baby punches. Yes, your punches. And yes, they hurt, a lot sometimes. But still, it’s always a great way start to my day.

Water Boy

You’re talking a lot, your current favorite is definitely “dada” over and over again (makes Papa very happy), and you are starting to use your tongue in a way that we think you’ll soon be able to make an “l” sound.

Yay, time to play with my feet!

You love grabbing your feet and playing with them, and sometimes you even use your hands to make your feet clap!

Put in mouth at the same time for utter deliciousness

Babel-Led Weaning: Still going strong. You love, love, love cucumber and are continuing to try new and old things. Apparently, gnawing cucumber and banana at the same time is delicious. I don’t take photos of everything you eat anymore, so I may forget some things. Let’s see if I remember what new things you tried this week. You definitely had raw onion and loved it; you tried some red cabbage; also some lime; you had pork burritos with all the trimmings and actually swallowed pieces of meat (I found the proof the next day); and most memorably you tried lemon! The first time was not a success, you found it extremely sour, then gagged, then threw up. We felt quite guilty after your reaction. I thought you may like lemon, because I love sour things and you must have tasted loads of sour through the umbilical cord and my breastmilk. So in the following days we tried again and although you still found lemon sour, you enjoyed it enough to keep bringing it back to your mouth.

Sour face


11 thoughts on “Babel Weekly – 30

    • Funny thing is, 95% of the photos I took this morning for his 30 weeks picture have him looking upset, cranky, or full out crying. He wasn’t feeling it today. So I nursed him for a bit then tried again. Still not great, accepted the fact that today’s photo would be a cranky one, and then the last photo burst, finally the smiles came out!

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