Babel Weekly – 29

29 weeks old!

29 weeks! One more week, and you will be a thirty-something, just like your mom and dad ;). You seem to learn a new skill every week. We’re still waiting for you to learn how to roll from back to tummy, you’ve mastered the other way months ago. Once you do learn a new skill, you can’t stop practicing it, much to our enjoyment. This week, out of nowhere, you’ve learned how to clap your hands, all by yourself. And the more you do it the louder the little baby claps become.

To the library weigh-in

We went for another weigh-in this week. Papa had a day off, so he came with us through Buxton’s stormy weather. Before we go, we always try to guess how much weight you’ve gained and how many centimeters you’ve grown. For a few months it was about 1 kg and 1 cm per four weeks, so that’s what my usual guess is. Yet these last two times your weight increase has slowed down while your length is shooting up. You only gained 420 grams but you grew 3.5 centimeters in the last four weeks! At 6.5 months, you are now 10.86 kg and 73.5 cm. Well done!

10.86 kg & 73.5 cm

Babel-led weaning is still going strong. You’ve gotten really good at sucking water through your straw, too. The first time you actually succeeded at sucking (instead of biting) it and water entered your mouth, your eyes opened wide in surprise, then you smiled. Ever since, you know what that cup is for and that there’s yummy Buxton water in there for you to drink. Besides many old favorites you’ve tasted quite a few new things this past week: French toast, galia melon, udon noodle, spinach, baby corn, homemade peanut butter, zucchini pancakes, mozzarella, basil leaves (I’ve noticed you love the taste of basil, you will suck those leaves non-stop), sugarless whipped cream (no surprise you loved this and the mess it created), plain breadstick (awesome to chew on to relieve your teething pain), pasta (apparently a bunch of penne pasta pieces are wildly entertaining), shrimp (huge success, you loved this!), salmon, and probably something I’m forgetting here.

Zucchini pancakes & Caprese Salad

Obviously, now your diaper contents are getting more ‘interesting’ too. I keep finding recognizable little pieces of food. Your digestive system doesn’t really do much with the food besides letting it pass all the way through, yet it’s good to see you are actually swallowing food and not just chewing and spitting it out. Way to go!


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