Dear Babel – By Dad

Babel & Papa

Dear Babel, it’s been 6 months and a half since you were born. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone, but strangely at the same time, I feel I’ve known you for much more than 6.5 months. Day by day, you get bigger, taller, cuter, smilier, smarter, and wiser.

Safe in Papa's Arms

From a couple of months ago, it became the best moment of my daily life to see your happy face and happy scream at home after work. My whole being smiles with shining love for you, and I hold you up, and give you kisses.

Quick Visit to Daddy's Work

I don’t know how many times I’ve told you that you are so cute, you are such a good boy, you are strong, and Mommy and Daddy love you very much in Japanese, Dutch, and English.

Noise canceling earmuffs trial

Daddy took a day off today, so Mommy and Daddy went to the library to weigh you, and measure your height. Now you weigh 10.86 kg, and you are 73.5cm tall. You are very big in both ways. I’m so proud.

Daddy Carrier
Boys on the Couch

You cry to signal us that you are hungry, and Mommy feeds you whenever and wherever you want, literally WHENEVER and WHEREVER you want. I’ve seen so many times Mommy feeding you in bed at midnight or in the very early morning, at a cafe, restaurant, the Embassy of Japan, or even on a boat. I know drinking sake in a hot spring is wonderful, so I guess drinking Mommy’s pure and fresh breast milk on Coniston Water in the Lake District was super.

Babel and Papa on a Boat

Mommy has been reading a lot about raising a baby, probably much more than when she was getting her MBA. She also has been recording as many details of you as possible. We just want to savour any moment we spend with you, especially things you are likely not gonna remember later. You’ve got the best Mommy, I assure you.

Daddy helping with Babel's weekly picture

You’ve started weaning, but just started. Right now, you mostly just put food in your mouth, and chew it with your gums, and throw it away. So far some of your favourites are carrots, meat, pineapple, baby-corn, and yogurt. You also started to swallow water from a straw.

Eating the Smock

You started to speak. “Mam-mam-mam-mam” was the first word you said. You either meant “mam” in English or “mamma” which means “food” in Japanese baby language. Since a couple of weeks ago, you have said “dadada” or “papapa”. When you look at me and say that, I’m over the moon!

Conversations with a king

Mommy and I are doing well speaking our languages separately to you: Mommy Dutch, I Japanese, and we together English. We know these months are very important for your brain to form structures to discern different languages. You will be a native speaker of 3 languages. How cool is that!

Babel and his Papa

One of the fun things we do recently is what I call a “screaming battle”. We discovered this when I put my face very close to you, and you got so excited, and started to screaming with joy. Since then, you’ve become more (happily) screamy. Today, I filmed a small part of our battle, and posted on Youtube. Of course, you won the battle :)

I just can’t believe that it was only about a half year ago that we received this life, which just looked like a purple ball with lots of sticky liquid around it. Before that, you were just a poppy seed, with a heart beating so fast. Every step you’ve made was miraculous. I don’t want to forget to appreciate that. This feeling of love to you makes me so happy and content.

Cuddles in the Park

Eat, poop, fart, cry, scream, speak, swing toys around, throw food around, sneeze, sleep, snore, move your body vehemently, and smile. That’s how you roll!

Dad Nov 9th 2015

P.S. Don’t forget the comma between “eat” and “poop” in the second last sentence.

Too Much Fun is Exhausting
Like father like son
Babel Chilling Next to his Working Papa


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