Babel Weekly – 28

28 Weeks Old!

Almost six and a half months. We’ve already done two weeks of Babel-Led Weaning. It has been a lot of fun seeing you discover food. You’ve had quite a few repeat foods from your first week (especially your favorites) and we offered you a bunch of new tastes as well: carrot (huge hit), corn on the cob, pear, potato, steak (yup, another meaty hit), leek, mushroom, toast, and sweet potato. I’m already thinking of new things for you to try next week. I like taking you to the supermarket to pick out something from the produce section that’s new to you (and sometimes even me). This food adventure is really fun!

Mama's View

You know what you’ve been doing a lot lately? Talking. You say “mama” over and over again. Indiscriminately, to both your dad and I, or the ceiling or whatever you’re staring at. With different emotions too, it is really adorable. You’ve also started with “dada” and “tetch tetch”. You said “dada” right into your dad’s face once, and that made him really happy! I also heard you say “papa” to the ceiling once, right after he left the room. I’m not sure you know what you are saying, but we love it.

Did you know you have a favorite song? You love music in general, but “Peace” by O.A.R. always quiets you down when you hear it and you love watching the colorful video clip. I first heard it on iTunes Radio when you were a tiny newborn and I was really hoping to see you smile. So aside from the pleasant music, the lyrics “I just want to make you laugh, I just want to see that smile” caught my attention and made me listen to it and sing to you over and over again. And now it’s like a magic song. Whenever you are fussy and we can’t give you what you need immediately, we turn to YouTube and show you that song. Total lifesaver.

Papa Snuggles

Your dad had quite a few leftover vacation days from last academic year, so we are all currently enjoying his second 4-day weekend. It’s great to spend lots of extra time together and you sure know he is your best friend and a lot of fun. Every time he enters the room, you go a little crazy: big happy smiles, loud laughter, screeches of happiness, slapping whatever is near you as hard as you can. When you two play together you always get so loud and happy. I absolutely love watching you two.

Swimming with Papa

Last week we all went swimming together. It was fun, but it’s always such a hassle before and especially after we get out of the pool. I still don’t feel confident I could this without the help of another person. We’re not quite sure going to the pool every weekend is worth all the time and effort, especially not with your dad’s busy weekend schedules and the limited hours at the pool. You seem to enjoy yourself in the pool, but you enjoy yourself more in any of your bathtubs at home.

Trying the Regular Baby Tub

I loved your PujTub, but you are way too heavy for that now, the thing kept collapsing when we last used it weeks ago. So we’ve been using your TummyTub, which you really love. You’re always really comfortable in it, and it is quite convenient size-wise. But it is a bit hard to rinse your hair in it and wash your body. I’ve been wanting to use your regular size baby bath, since we spent quite some money on it before your were born. Especially on that monster of a bath stand. It was a disaster to use with the baby insert, and that’s why I went looking for alternatives. But now that you are able to sit up by yourself, I decided to give it another try.

Splash Heaven

Even though it takes up half the kitchen, it’s pretty comfortable for me to use. I can wash you easier and rinse you better, and for you splashing water absolutely everywhere is sooo much easier. It was a pain of a clean-up afterwards, but you had fun.

Trying out the regular tub in the shower room

Since the bath stand does not fit in the actual bathroom, and it really should not be used past 6 months of age, I also tried using your bath on the shower floor. You had just as much fun there, but it was really uncomfortable to bathe you that way for me. Since I have to bathe you everyday, I do not see this as a viable option. As you can see, I’m still trying to figure the bathing situation out.

One More Squirrel in the Park

Your teeth, still hidden somewhere under those hard gums, have been bothering you quite a bit these last few weeks. You pull your ears, rub your chin and jaw, and – most unsettling to watch – you hit yourself hard in the temple with your fist. And I mean really hard! Whenever I catch you doing it, I put my hand in between your head and fist and boy, it hurts. I hope you stop doing that to yourself soon.

Something else you’ve been doing with your hand is the Japanese gesture for come here. Which is kind of like the western version, but upside down. That doesn’t hurt to watch, doesn’t need to be stopped, and looks very cute. It kind of looks like waving. Keep doing that!

Regarding your feet, you are still obsessed with taking off your socks. And now you also love holding your feet while you are on the changing mat, while smiling up at your mobile. Oh, and you tasted one of your toes last week, not sure if you liked it.


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