Babel Weekly – 26

26 Weeks Old!

Tomorrow is the big day! You will turn 6 months old and your little tummy will be ready to start experimenting with solid food. You have been feeding yourself with mommy juice for the past half year, and you’ve thrived on it, for sure. From tomorrow on, you will be able to feed yourself with all kinds of other foods as well. I’m not sure what kind of food we’ll offer you first, perhaps something yellow like pineapple or banana, or something orange like roasted kabocha (Japanese pumpkin), or something red like tomato or peppers, or something green like kiwi or avocado or broccoli or cucumber or… Whoa, there are so many foods we want to introduce you to. We’re very excited about this, but we need to slow ourselves down and not overwhelm you with too many options on the very first day of your food adventure.

Three Giant Pumpkins, One Giant Baby

You’ve actually already had your first taste of a fruit. Last week when we were carving a Halloween pumpkin, not very surprisingly, you simply could not help yourself and you just had to taste the rim of that large orange thing with the nice fruity smell. The taste wasn’t quite to your liking, so I’m curious how you will react tomorrow.

First Taste of Fruit

You did find the pumpkins very interesting. Especially, after we opened one up. What baby can really resist such an interesting heap of sticky and stringy seeds? I think this was your first try at messy play. Good news, we’ll be doing it again later this week.

Baby Fingers and Pumpkin SeedsGutting a Pumpkin with Mama

Why did we carve one pumpkin early? Well, Oma was back in town for a few days and, just like you, she’d never carved one before. Daddy and I are waiting to carve ours, since once they’re carved pumpkins go mouldy so quickly and it’s not Halloween for another week.

Swinging with Oma

You and Oma did some catching up on cuddles last weekend and of course, we had to show Oma how good you are at swinging!We also got to try out the new buggy in the park. I can’t carry you and all the buggy stuff down by myself so we’ll only use it when we have someone extra to help with that. But I don’t really mind, I prefer carrying you in the Ergo Carrier anyways. It’s just so easy and convenient, and also warm and cosy in this cold Buxton weather.

45 Minutes of Swimming

We also went for another swim (another thing I can only do with some extra help) and you lasted for 45 minutes. You are a true Dutchman, you love the water. But hey, we already knew that, since you always love your daily morning baths.


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