Babel Weekly – 25

25 Weeks Old

25 weeks old, 70 cm tall, and weighing 10.42 kg, that is you this week! Wow, that’s pretty impressive. Especially, since there are one-year-olds out there with similar measurements.

70 cm tall and over 10 kg!

I still carry you in the Ergo Carrier everyday, but if you keep growing at this rate, I wonder for how much longer I can manage it. Hopefully at least until we’ve visited the Netherlands in December, because you and I will be flying there without Papa, and I can’t take you on the bus and airplane in a stroller if I am also lugging around a suitcase and a carry-on bag.

Mama & Babel

You have already outgrown your car seat, bassinet, and most definitely your pram, so you are now big enough to fit in the buggy. Which is nice, but it’s too hard for me to take you on daily walks in it, by myself. Since we live on the third floor, and I don’t see myself walking down and up the stairs with you in the Ergo Carrier, the folded chassis in one hand, and the buggy seat in the other hand. I know your travel system claims to be lightweight, but that’s just relative. We need a small team of people to get that buggy and you from our apartment to the street and back. Oh well, I can ride you around in our apartment in it.

Buggy Man

In other news, it has been really cold in Buxton. Which is how I like it, I don’t know what kind of weather is your favorite yet, but you sure look cute in your warm bear suit.

Babel Bear

Next week, you will ‘finally’ be 6 months old and then I finally get to implement all the Baby-Led Weaning stuff I’ve been reading about. You will no doubt make huge mess when you’re experimenting with food, so I got you a nice splash mat to go crazy on.

Splash Mat for Baby-Led Weaning

Oma is back in town, and she and Uncle Djamo have already given you your first guitar lesson. You are already amazing and expectations for your future musical career are set high. No pressure or anything.

Guitar Man

Last but not least, this photo below of you eating your TummyTub has received lots of love on Facebook this week. I think nearly any photo with you in it, is immensely cute, but everyone else seems to think this photo is extra awesome, extra funny, and especially extra cute:

Eating the Bath


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