Babel Weekly – 24

24 Weeks Old

This week you posed in your swimsuit. Not just because it’s already almost too small for you ever-growing Babel, but also because this week should have been all about the swimming. We went to the gym to sign you up for swim lessons for when you are over 6 months. I know there is a waiting list. Our midwife advised us to get on that list early. She had her unborn child put on that list last year and still had to wait way past her baby’s 6 months birthday to join the lessons. So we tried to get you on it when you were just born, but they told us to come back when you were 6 months. You’re two weeks shy of 6 months so I thought I’d give it another try. Well, you’re on the list, but so are about 50 others before you. You are all waiting to join the same weekly class which allows only 8 students aged 6 months-18 months. So even if a spot opens up, they new student is bound to occupy it for a long time. Yeah, there’s no way you’ll get to join that class before you’re 18 months. Papa and I are just going to have to teach you ourselves, and we’re probably going to have to buy you a new larger swimsuit soon as well.

Foot wave

Your cradle cap has been gone for a while, but the skin on top of your head has been getting rougher and rougher again, and it has never stopped itching you. You still keep scratching open your skin, when you’re awake and asleep. So you still wear scratch mittens at night, hats during the day, and I am back to washing your hair twice-daily with that stinky shampoo in hopes of relieving some of the itchiness.


You’ve outgrown the PujTub, so now you’re in the TummyTub every morning. You used to love to stand up in it all the time, now you’ve found a new favorite position: the double fold. I have tried to get you out of that position a few times, but you keep sneaking up those little feet again and again until you’re hanging out like this again:
Favorite Position

Everyday we go out for a walk. I’m very used to the Ergo Carrier now and it’s just so nice and easy to take you out in it. I like having you close to me while we go for our walk, and I really like not having to carry your so-called light-weight yet heavy two-part buggy down and up to the third floor every time we go out. You love the outside. You love the swing. Either by yourself in the baby swing or with me on the large swing.

Back in the Swing

We also tried to show you the wonder of bubbles and feeding the duckies this weekend, but you’re still pretty much unimpressed by these.

Babel & Bubbles

In the mornings, if you wake for your early-morning feed before Papa goes to work, you get to sleep a few more hours in the large bed with us. This is one of Papa’s favorite moments, he loves snuggling up with you in the mornings:
My Sleeping Boys

Even though there are no teeth in sight yet, you seem to be teething heavily these days. You want to and do chomp down on just about any and everything, yes that includes Mama during breastfeeding – ouch! You have also been fussier than normal, especially at night (one night this week you woke no less than 6 times for a feed – yup I was exhausted), and you are certainly the king of drool.


I’m not sure if I’m hoping for your teeth to come through soon or not. I’m a bit scared to breastfeed you after that happens, but teeth actually breaking through may provide you with some much-needed relief. We’ll just have to wait and see, it’s all up to you.

Tiny Fingers


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