Babel Weekly – 23

23 Weeks Old

You’ve been with us for 23 weeks and obviously we have hundreds (if not thousands) of photos of you already. Papa takes a lot of photos, Mama takes even more, and then there’s a bunch of other family members taking photos as well. We have loads of beautiful photos of you; of you and Papa; of you and I; of you and your Dutch and Japanese family members; but none really of Papa, you and I. So we called upon Uncle Djamo, and his amazing photography skills, and had a short photo session in the park last weekend.

Babel, Mama, Papa
Papa, Babel, Mama
Park Bench
Papa, Babel, Mama
Babel, Mama, Papa
Papa, Mama, Babel at the Swing

Not only do we have a bunch of beautiful family photos now, you also have a few new experiences under your belt. We put you in the baby swing, assuming you would not be ready for it yet, but you did great! Soon after you and I went on a larger swing together and Papa pushed us. Which I found a bit scary, but you seemed to find it relaxing.

First time on the swing
Mama & Babel
Swinging with Mama

Papa also took you on the slide and the roundabout for the first time. You didn’t mind it, but you didn’t seem too impressed either.

On the slide with PapaPapa & Babel

Of course, Uncle Djamo took many more photos. Each and everyone of them is a little treasure to me. You grow and change so fast and it’s great to have a photographer in the family (and currently living in Buxton) who can beautifully capture these moments in your young life.

Babel & Papa
Babel & Mama
On the swing for the first time


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