Babel Weekly – 22

22 Weeks Old

Today you are 22 weeks old, that means you turned 5 months old yesterday! So you are currently in your sixth month of life. Mommy is very excited about that because once you turn 6 months old, your tummy is ready to start experimenting with food. Don’t worry, I’ll still be breastfeeding you until you are one year old and beyond. But I expect you’ll have a lot of fun discovering other tastes and textures once we start Baby-Led Weaning next month.

5 Months Old

Trying out a new smock

I know your first experience with solid food is not for another month, but I am already happily preparing for it. This is you trying on one of two new awesome smocks that’ll help me keep your clothes clean once you start smearing and throwing food everywhere.

Ever since seeing a mom doing Baby-Led Weaning with her baby on Instagram many years ago, I’ve been excited about doing that with my baby one day. I didn’t know much about it, it just looked like a lot of fun. So I was happy to find out that here in England the health visitors actually recommend it. And I was even happier to find out we get to skip spoon-feeding you purees altogether.

Letting Babel lead the way works for us

I got myself two Baby-Led books. The Weaning one is obviously to do some research for next month. And even though we’ve been parenting you for 5 months already, I was very interested to read the Parenting book as well.

It has been really interesting so far. Apparently, we have been doing Baby-Led Parenting all this time without knowing it was a thing. The week we were in the hospital and for about two weeks after, we tried Parent-Led Parenting, or rather Midwife-Led Parenting. It was tough. Even though I had planned to breastfeed you on demand before you were born, I ended up trying to force you into a routine of changing, feeding, and sleeping. I was doing as instructed by the midwives and nurses in the hospital, and I didn’t feel like I had the authority to go against it. It was hard work and you hated it.

Once we were home alone, just the two of us, I grew more confident and decided to stop doing what others were telling me, and to just do what felt right. I decided to go with the flow, your flow. And I have never looked back. Ever since, our parenting journey has been relaxed and rewarding. People tell me we have a good baby, and of course you are a good baby, but you are also a relaxed baby because you know you can trust your dad and I to give you what you need when you ask for it.

I enjoy reading other mommy blogs, and I sometimes see them blog about “real life” with a baby. Apparently, it’s not all cute and happy, as suggested by the photos they share. I’ve read quite a few lists of baby-horror-stories by now, and they’re very interesting, but thankfully I can’t relate to them at all. I feel really lucky to have the freedom to let you lead the way, you are really good at it.

Standing and dancing in the Tummy Tub

Last week, I told you how much you love standing, especially when it’s bathing time. As you can see, you’re still doing it! This week you’ve also enjoyed sitting by yourself during playtime. I have to put you into sitting position, as you don’t know how to do that yet, but once you’re there you last for quite a long while. Of course, I’m always there to catch you when you’ve had enough and decide to drop forward, backward or sideways.

Sitting and battling the Triceratops

Tools to help fight Babel's first coldSick but happy

You’ve contracted your first cold. I’m not too happy about that, it’s tough to see and hear you having such a hard time trying to breathe through your stuffy nose. You’re having a harder time feeding because of it and swallowing milk through your mucusy throat isn’t easy either.

You actually really enjoyed your visit to the doctor and his examination of your lungs, throat, and ears. You were taking it all in calmly and looking around the doctor’s office with wide open eyes the entire time. We also visited the pharmacy and drug store to stock up on all the anti-cold tools for babies.

I think your cold is getting a bit better, probably because you’ve transferred it to me. I wonder how long it will last. At least, you have not let it ruin your mood one bit, you’re still as happy and playful as ever.

Chilling with the Dinos

And you’ve been even more talkative this week. You’ve been saying “ma ma” over and over! I’m not sure you intend to call for me when you do it, but it sure feels good and like you’re calling my name, every time you do it. I love it! Daddy and I can’t be more excited about this! You’re already saying “ba ba” as well, maybe you’re trying to say your name? You do react to your name these days. Let’s practice “da da” or “pa pa” from now on, that’ll make Daddy very happy.


6 thoughts on “Babel Weekly – 22

  1. About having a cold/ running nose…have you checked about those vacuum cleaner adapters with which you can “suck” the nose clean? We didn’t believe in it at first but later on we bought one to try it out and it’s really doing wonders for our little one :)

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