Babel Weekly – 21

21 Weeks Old

Weeks are flying by. You are almost 5 months old. I feel “wow, you are already 21 weeks”, yet I also feel “wow, you’ve only been with us for 21 weeks.” Sometimes it feels like you’ve been with us forever, because I simply can’t imagine life without you anymore. You make us so happy. The way you look at us, the way you smile at us, the way you hold our fingers and suck on our hands. When you fall asleep on top of me, I love listening to you breathe and your tiny baby snores. Daddy loves playing with you and making you giggle. Any and everything you do, makes us happy. You’re perfect to us.

Babel BearWalking in the rain

It has been getting cold in Buxton, so you’ve been getting a lot of use out of your fuzzy bear outfits. These days, you and I really enjoy walking around Buxton together. You prefer facing outwards in the Ergo Carrier, so you can see everything that’s going on around you. I secretly prefer you facing me, so I can see how you are experiencing the outside world, but these days I only carry you like that if you’re in danger of falling asleep soon.

Rolling, rolling, rolling.

Your biggest achievement this week was rolling over. And over. And over. And you keep on rolling from your tummy to your back. So far you’ve only rolled to your left once, and numerous times to your right. The first time you did it, I got so excited I cheered you on a little too loudly and made you cry a little. But a quick cuddle had you back to your rolling business.

You also know how to move across the floor while on your back, by arching your back and pushing away with your legs. This is getting dangerous during diaper changing time, if I don’t keep holding you, you will push yourself off. Also dangerous during the same time is you being able to undo your diaper, on the left side. I come back from washing my hands, and find you in your bed with half your diaper off. Thankfully, you haven’t peed or pooped during these half-off diaper times, yet.

You’ve been really good at scratching for months now, and your poor itchy head is usually the target. So far we had been able to protect your head skin with scratch mittens and hats. But you’re scratching strength is no longer a match for the thin fabric of the mittens, and you are perfectly capable of taking off your hats in order to scratch your head.

And you know what you’ve been good at since you were a newborn? Standing. As in supporting your own weight on your legs. Of course, you need one of us to keep you from losing your balance and falling down, but the rest has always been all you. You love standing. Everytime, we go to change your diaper, I let you stand a moment on your changing mat first and you love it. I always get a huge smile as a reward. And now you’ve found a place where you can stand up and stay standing by yourself without any help: your Tummy Tub. I put you in there to bathe you, but you prefer standing up, sitting down, and standing up again. Oh and vigorously splashing the water. Last time, you stood the entire time we were in the shower together. You have a pair of really strong legs!


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