Babel Weekly – 20

20 Weeks Old

Twenty weeks old! You’re getting closer and closer to week 26, a.k.a. 6 months. Your breast-milk-only period will come to an end in 6 weeks and you’ll be allowed to try solid foods. I already see you checking out our food from time to time, so it’ll be fun to be able to let you try some of it.

9.5 kg & 67.5 cm

So far you’ve been thriving on my milk though. We went for another weigh-in on Monday and you now weigh 9.5 kg and you’re 67.5 cm tall!

Oma & Babel

You’ve had an exciting week. Oma from the Netherlands has been here since Sunday. Last time she was here was back in July, so she really needed a whole week to recharge on Babel cuddles. She’s especially happy with all the smiles, giggles, and chuckles you’ve been treating her with now that you can see her in real life – as opposed to on an iPhone screen.

Babel and his Dutch family membersBabel with his Dutch passport

Last month, we took photos of you, your Japanese passport, and your Japanese family members. Now, with your Dutch Oma here, we did the same with you, your Dutch passport and your Dutch family members. Actually, uncle Djamo is an expired Dutchie (he changed his nationality to Belgian several years ago) so he’s holding an expired Dutch passport in the photo. We took our Dutchie photos during your first picnic in the park.

Going swimming with Oma

Oma and mama took you swimming again. You loved it. You are good at floating. We just held you by your shoulders and you laid on your back, legs crossed, head to the side, enjoying your surroundings. You also love splatting the water with your arms and hands, hard. Oma tought you that, and you’re better than her now!

Tummy tubbingSplatter, splatter

And you don’t need a swimming pool to practice your new skill in, you did it just as well in your TummyTub this morning, the whole kitchen was soaked!

Silver babyfeet engraved with Babel's name and day of birth

Oma brought a special present for your mom, as a belated birthday present. She knows I am in love with your yummy feet and of course with you, so she got me a necklace with a silver babyfeet-shaped pendant, engraved with your name and day of birth.

Babel holding OmaOma Ergo carrying Babel

Oma is leaving tomorrow morning but she’ll be back next month. And next next month! And the month after that. And in December, I’m taking you to the Netherlands for three weeks. It will be your first time in one of your home countries. I’m just a little nervous about how you’ll do during the flight, at least it will be a short flight.


3 thoughts on “Babel Weekly – 20

  1. Ofcourse i will be back! I do not want to mis anything of his growing and learning new skills. Besides that…i love this little boy so much!! He’s so cute, sweet and adorable with his lovely smile….
    Thank you mommy and daddy for this ‘omaweek’! See you all again next time at oct 16th!! 💋💋💋

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