Babel Weekly – 19

19 Weeks Old

Another week flew by, you’re 19 weeks now. You’ve been a bit grumpy during the afternoons this past week. You’ve been wanting to nurse more frequently, yet shorter. Sometimes the milk even ends up on my face when you decide to blow raspberries while you’re drinking. You’ve been more fussy, groaning like Godzilla, and making screeching sounds. Sometimes excited, sometimes frustrated. According to the internet you could be going through another growing spurt. Growing again? You’re already so big!

Facing Outward for the First Time

You’ve been needing lots of naps, yet falling or staying asleep was hard for you. So I’ve been taking you for daily walks in the Ergo Carrier. This almost always puts you to sleep, after you’ve enjoyed looking at the trees. Today, I had you in the world-facing position (as opposed to mommy-facing) for the first time. You didn’t make a peep the whole walk and you didn’t fall asleep; you were way too busy watching anything and everything.

Moving with Babel

I moved our living room to the largest room in the apartment this week. As a family of three we spent almost all our time there. The couch is there, and that’s the most comfortable place for breastfeeding. More and more stuff from the large studio/office was starting to crowd the smaller living room, while the large room has mostly gone unused since you were born.

So I decided to switch rooms. So in between feeds and a few fussy Babel moments, I moved heavy items of furniture, took apart the couch, and rebuilt it in the large room. You did pretty well playing while mommy was working and now we all get to enjoy the large room.

Babel and MamaBaseball play

Even though the cradle cap is gone, your poor head is still rough and itchy. So you’re still wearing mittens at night and hats during the day to stop you from scratching your delicate skin. The full head of hair you were born with is gone- ish. You still have patches of lots of hair in some places and bald spots in other places because of all your rubbing. Hope it will all just fall out soon, and then grow back evenly. More importantly, I hope your itching stops soon. We’re still using that stinky shampoo to fight it.

Flying BabelPlaying by himself

You are enjoying playing a lot these days. You love using your little hands to smack around the hanging parts of the activity gym, before putting them into your mouth. You love putting everything in your mouth, especially your muslins and anyone’s fingers. But you sometimes put your own fingers in there, way too deep. Yep, your gag reflex works.

Discovering his feet

You’ve also discovered your feet. Your fingers and toes are having quite a few meetings these days. So far you haven’t put your toes into your mouth, though. Maybe, next week.


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