Babel Weekly – 18

18 Weeks Old

Eighteen weeks: that means you’re officially a 4-month-old as well! You are such a happy, smiley, and giggly baby who’s surprisingly good at blowing raspberries (a trick you’ve learned from your daddy).

It’s hard to believe I’ve been succesfully breastfeeding you for four whole months now, and you’ve grown so much from that. Only two more months and I’ve reached my goal of exclusively breastfeeding you for half a year. I plan to keep breastfeeding you until your first birthday at least, but in two months we’ll also start introducing you to solids. Which seems like a long time away, especially since you’ve already started checking out our food. But these last four months have flown by, so the next two should do the same. I hope.

4 Months Old

You spent much of last month in scratch mittens, on doctor’s orders because of that nasty itchy cradle cap. I hated the mittens. You were always sucking on them, which I did not like since they were often covered in oil from rubbing your itchy head. And I missed seeing your lovely little hands and feeling your little fingers wrap around mine.

There's a mommy in my neck.

Thankfully, your cradle cap has almost dissapeared. You still have some kind of related rash on your forehead which continues to make you want to scratch furiously. So we try to cover your nearly bald head (from all the rubbing last month) in hats to protect your skin from your scratching. Good thing is you look adorable in hats!

GrabbingThis is how one plays this game right?

Now that your hands are free again, you’ve been using them to grab things, hold onto your toys, and explore interesting things around you. And then you use those hands to bring any and everything to your mouth and suck on it. Which is all perfectly normal behavior for your age, so good job!

Tummy time. Nailed it!

Something else you’ve suddenly become proficient at is tummy time! You used to hate it with a vengeance, now you enjoy it (for a while) and you’re getting really good at it. This past week, you were leaning over a bit with one leg in the air during tummy time. It looked like the start of rolling over, so I moved you from your changing mat into your bed to give you more space. I put you down on your tummy, turned around to close your closet, turned back a few seconds later and you were on your back! You rolled over, and I missed it… You haven’t done it since, no matter how much I cheer you on, but you will again someday and I can be patient.

Digging the New Chair and Hat

Something you’ve loved for quite a few months now is sitting. You seem to think lying on your back is pretty boring and you can’t get enough of sitting and watching everything that happens around you. You can’t do it by yourself yet, and you’ve always had the help of an adult (usually me) to keep you in a sitting position. But sometimes I need to do things and you’re not happy lying on your back, so we got you this awesome little chair. We all love it! And you look so cute sitting in it.

Selfie with Uncle Djamo

Uncle Djamo has been by a few times week again and he’s helping me document how you’re growing up. It’s great because we have very different styles and when he’s behind the camera, we end up with more photos of you and I. They are all such little treasures to me.



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