Babel Weekly – 17

17 Weeks Old

Look at you, you’re such a tall bear, uh boy. No, I’ve not been stretching that bear suit you wore home from the hospital. But it is the same suit, I simply bought the same suit in the largest size. I just loved it so much and was a bit sad you grew out of it so quickly.

English Lake District

We’re back home in Buxton now, and sadly Oma and Opa Kotera are back in Japan now. But we started you’re seventeenth week together, in a cute B&B in the beautiful English Lake District. Since we’ve been living in the English Peak District for about two years now, we’ve become accustomed to nature, peace, and quiet. So the Lake District really agreed with us, especially, after crowded Edinburgh.

Life Vest Happiness

Your Mama loves the water and going on or in the water. So I quickly had everyone convinced that we shouldn’t just enjoy the lake by looking at it but we should go on it, in a boat. I was especially excited to take you on a boat, for the first time. We all had to wear life vests, which you really seemed to enjoy!

Mama and Babel on a BoatRowing Team

Papa and Opa did the rowing and we went quite far on the lake. We even made it all the way to the other side and tried to dock to have a drink at the Blue Bird Cafe. But we could not figure out how to get out of the boat without getting into the water… We had no towels and it was cold, and we were getting in the way of larger motorized boats, so we quickly got out of there.

Coniston Water in the English Lake DistrictKoteras in a Row on a Row Boat

We rented the boat for 4 hours, but we ended up returning it after only 2 hours. We never made that cafe pit stop and the sun had dissapeared, so it was getting chilly. But it was a wonderful boat trip, and you loved it. I even managed to breastfeed you during; most challenging feed so far, especially with those life vests!


Back in Buxton, you had your third round of immunizations. Opa and Oma came to the doctor’s office with us, and they were really impressed by you. You didn’t make a peep during the first injection and the second only made you complain a little. Apparently, I looked to be in pain more than you. Let’s just say I am happy your next round of injections doesn’t happen until after your first birthday.

Opa, Oma, and Babel on the Swing

This is my favorite photo of you with your Opa and Oma. It was sad to say goodbye to them this week, and it’s sad that they live so far. But it was so great to have them here for three weeks and see them interact with you. They love you so much and they had the best time. They can’t wait to see you again, next year when we visit Japan.


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