Babel Weekly – 13

13 Weeks Old

13 weeks today, which means you are also exactly 3 months old today. Just 3 months ago we were all still in the hospital. That feels forever ago. You’ve only been here for three months but I feel like it’s much longer, I can’t imagine my life without you anymore.

3 Months Old

As you can see, you had a photo shoot today for Babel Weekly, and another for Babel Monthly. You would think that was enough, but we also took you to a passport photographer to have photos taken for your Japanese and Dutch passport applications. These photos ended up fuzzy so they ended up doing it again. So you had six photo shoots today, without complaint, you’re such a star.

Passport Photo Taking Time

This past week you’ve been keeping me up quite a bit. But not in the way you might think. Turns out you are a sleep talker, just like your daddy. I can even have a conversation with your dad when he starts sleep-talking, it’s very funny.

You tend to start talking and making all kinds of adorable sounds about an hour before you wake up in the early morning. It’s actually very cute and I’m not really worried about it. Problem is mommy basically wakes up immediately when you start making sounds, I can’t help it. I try to go back to sleep when I’ve checked you are okay, but you have lots to say in your sleep, so I keep waking up.

Talking about his dreams

After you’ve woken up, and greeted me with a smile, you have even more to say! Before your morning feed you spend about 5 minutes telling me all about your dreams, which is so adorable that it is hard for daddy to leave for work, because he wants to hear all about your nightly adventures too.

Sleeping off the immunizations

You received another rounds of immunizations this week. You did really well again, and even mommy did better. Since you were such a champ last time, I was hoping/expecting the same this time. So I worried less and didn’t even cry.

It was almost exactly the same as four weeks ago. You didn’t like getting the shots or the live vaccine in your mouth, and protested. Yet, a few minutes afterwards, when we were putting your jacket back on, you were smiling and talking again. Back home you slept a few extra hours during the day and two days later you were a bit cranky. That was it. Well done, Babel!

Ergo carrying

Now that you are older, bigger and much better at keeping your head up, I gave the Ergo carrier another try, without that bulky and unhandy infant insert. As expected it was a huge improvement! It’ll be much easier to take you on little walks by myself now.

Wash with Water Trial

This past month you’ve developed a severe case of cradle cap. I was so happy that your facial rash was finally disappearing after two months, but I’d happily swap that for your cradle cap. I know it’s normal and health visitors tell me not to worry about it, but it bothers you so much. You can’t stop scratching your scalp and your tiny nails grow so quickly and sharp.

The amount of almond oil I have already rubbed into your scaly scalp this past month. To no avail. Now I’m trying this fancy, organic, vegan, and of course American shampoo foam. You can see I’m desperate. Let’s hope this makes the cradle cap disappear as suddenly as it appeared on your beautiful head.


7 thoughts on “Babel Weekly – 13

  1. Have you washed the dinosaur too hot or is Babel just growing that quickly? In that one pic, is the passport picture take while He is on the ground? So far we had all passport pictures taken while our Nathan was on the lap of his mom (she covered with a white blanket…)

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