Babel Weekly – 12

12 Weeks Old

12 weeks today, that means only one more week as a 2-month-old. You’re growing old fast, Babel. I’m doing my best to enjoy every moment to the fullest, because you’ll never be this small again. But I’m also really enjoying seeing you grow bigger every week and learning new skills, I find myself looking forward to the next thing constantly.

Mommy & Babel

Our favorite Babel skills so far?

1. Sleeping at night: you only wake for a very short feed around 4 am, and afterwards you go right back to sleep. Mommy and daddy are really very thankful for this amazing skill.

Smiling at the iPhone

2. Social smiling: you’ve really started doing this only recently, but we love it. There’s nothing as rewarding and heartwarming as a smile from you. When we wake up in the morning, I peek into your bassinet and see you looking at me. I say good morning and smile at you, and you smile back… Best start of the day, ever! Daddy loves to make silly sounds and faces at you, which makes you giggle. Also awesome!


3. Talking: we love it when you tell us things in your baby voice with your baby sounds. It’s fun for us to imagine what you might be saying or feeling. We love the sound of your adorable voice. You have specific sounds for different needs, which makes it easy for us to quickly take care of you. You’re such a good baby, you basically never cry. Thank you for always communicating to us what you need and being such a happy spirit.

My Hand is Awesome

4. Hand watching and eating: you’ve discovered your hands. You love looking at them and putting your fists in your mouth and sucking them like your life depends on it. You often cross your eyes when you inspect your hands and watch your wiggling fingers, it’s funny. Also, daddy thinks the sound of you sucking your fists is very cute.

You will learn loads of new skills in the weeks to come and I’m excited about all of them.

Bathing Babel

You’re not just growing old fast, you’re also growing big fast! Apparently, exclusively breastfed babies grow exponentially in their first three months, and their growth slows down during the other nine months of their first year of life. Next week, you’ll be three months old, and it would be nice if your growth slows down a bit. That way, you have a little more time to wear all those cute clothes you have hanging in your closet right now.

Safe from the Rain

You and I went to the local library this week (in the rain) for a baby weighing session. You now weigh 7.34 kilos and are 62.5 cm tall! Your weight is catching up with your length, and you are in the 91st percentile growth-wise compared to other baby boys. Your parents are very proud of how well you are doing, little (big) Babel.


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