Babel Weekly – 11

11 Weeks Old

Look at you! 11 weeks and looking very Dutch, old-fashioned Dutch. Your oma visited you again this past weekend and brought this cute traditional Dutch dress onesie from Volendam in the Netherlands. If only we had a traditional Japanese dress onesie as well.

The Grandmother an Grandson

Oma was very happy to see you again. We see her everyday on FaceTime (because she misses you too much) but there’s nothing like being with you for real and getting some Babel cuddles. We finally got to take a photo with her in her ‘Grandmother’ shirt, and as you can see she brought you a special onesie (stating how lucky you are with your grandma) for this occasion.

Chantal Kisses

Besides a heap of new cute Babel clothes, oma also brought along her sister, your great-aunt Chantal. She was so excited to meet you! And you absolutely loved her. She apparently has the talent to make you smile like no one else before. It was so adorable.


You have smiled so much this past weekend and now you can’t seem to stop it. We’re all enjoying it tremendously!

Uncle Djamo is Back in Town

Ome Djamo is also back in Buxton again, but he’s not only visiting, he’s here to stay! He has moved in with his girlfriend, tante Yasmin, and hopes to start his Master studies at Manchester University this year. Which is great for us, since he’ll get to see you grow up (well, for as long as we live in the UK anyways) and I get to see my brother more often. The last time we even lived in the same town was 11 years ago!

Daddy & Babel on the BusFirst Bus Trip

During your eleventh week, daddy had a week off, so we went on a few little adventures. We went to two banks to open you bank accounts, and one of these banks is the bank mommy works at in Chapel-en-le-Frith. That’s right, you went on your first bus ride ever! I was a bit worried about taking you on the bus, I wondered where to feed and change you, so I had waited to visit work (to show you off to my coworkers) until daddy had time to come with us. But I didn’t need to worry, we were gone from home a total of three hours, and you basically slept the entire time. You also slept when we went to our other bank in Buxton to open you another account, I conclude you find banks really boring and sleep inducing. Oh well, many people do. My bank coworkers found you very exciting though, they were happy to meet you and cuddle with you, even though you were asleep. So you met my coworkers and you went on two bus trips this week, but you never even realized it.

Babel's first swim

You did realize it when we took you swimming for the first time though! The gym across the park where we live has a nice pool and baby pool, which we can take you for free, since we are members. You’re still little so you can’t swim for too long. I heard Tuesday mornings aren’t very busy at the baby pool, and it was true. When we got there it was only the three of us in the pool. Since it was just us the lifeguard allowed us to take a few photos, which I will be forever grateful for.

Swimming Babel

It is so nice to be able to remember your first time swimming and we even have a short video. Mommy and daddy have no clue when their first time in the pool was when they were kids, but now you do and you can see the proof. You cried a tiny bit the first few moments, but you soon seemed to love it. We tried to keep as much of your body under water to keep you warm (especially since this pool was not the usual baby pool temperature of 32°C), while making sure your head and mouth stayed above water. We stayed in the pool for about 20 minutes, whoops that was twice the maximum for a first swim. Then we took a nice and warm shower and got you out of your colorful swimming diaper. I was worried a bit you would have an accident in the pool, since apparently that happens from time to time (even with the special diapers), but as always you did great.

Swimming with Mommy

It was so much to go swimming with you, that we went again on Sunday with oma. This time the baby pool was closed, so you got to swim in the (even colder) adult pool. You loved it in there as well, for another 20 minutes! Getting out of the pool and getting dressed again, you are not a fan of, I guess it’s too cold for you and swimming makes you very hungry. I really need someone there to help me take care of you after our swim, so we won’t be going just the two of us anytime soon.

Tummy Tub Fun

After your swim adventures, we washed all the chlorine of your delicate skin in your new Tummy Tub. This tub allows you to sit up straight without any help, you took it even a step further by pushing against the sides and bottom with your feet, which looked like you were jumping up and down in the water, ready to leap out! You’re so strong and energetic, I’m going to have to try my best to keep up with you.

King Babel

You have also gained another nickname this past weekend: King Babel. I think it has something to do with the awesome crown Djamo and Yasmin got for you.


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