Babel Weekly – 10

10 Weeks Old

Today you’ve reached the double digits: you are ten weeks old!

The biggest obstacle this last week was the heat. Yes, it gets hot in Buxton too, sometimes. Our apartment is on the top floor under a slanted roof and heat gathers up there, quickly. We have loads of windows (many without curtains) that let through the hot sunshine and no air-conditioning (because we’re not in hot and steamy Japan). We do have two fans, and lots of windows that we can open against each other (if there is a breeze outside). The fans are working overtime at moving the hot air around, but I try not to open too many windows, since we live next to the park so more bugs come in than fresh air.

You had a hard time sleeping during the hot nights. During the hottest night you woke up 8 times to drink, and each time you spent a long time at the breast. Before during regular nights you had been sleeping really well, sleeping 5-6 hour stretches (once you even lasted 7h35) and only waking for a really short feed somewhere in the night. So these hot days and nights have been uncomfortable and exhausting for both of us.

Waiting for Rain

We desperately waited for the promised rain and thunderstorms to cool things down, but the weather forecast kept changing and for a while it seemed like relief from the heat was never coming. Once you even projectile vomited and I was afraid you were suffering from a baby heat stroke. To keep you comfortable and to cool you down: I barely clothed you, bathed and showered you in cooler water, put a cool wet towel on your forehead or belly, went for a walk through the park (where it was much cooler than at home), rubbed some ice cubes over your face, arms and torso (which you loved) and of course kept you hydrated with mommy milk as much as possible.

Today the worst seems to be over, and you’re still a happy and extremely active little boy so I think you are okay. You survived your first heat wave! It’s still warm now, but we have had some rain which cooled the building down, so it’s much more bearable now.

Another new challenge that arose this past week is cradle cap. I noticed you scratching your head with your tiny hands and discovered the flaky patches on your skull. I thought you were lucky up until then to have escaped that common baby problem, but alas. You’ve also had dry skin and loads of bumps on your face since I can remember. I have been repeatedly told by health professionals it would disappear by itself in a few weeks. But it’s still here and now you also have cradle cap. I have been trying to treat your scalp with almond oil and your face with some baby facial cream but no improvement so far.

Boxer Babel

While I’m trying to figure out a way to fix your skin problems, you and your ever-growing nails have been scratching. I don’t like you damaging your face, so I had been putting socks on your hands to stop you, but you keep sucking them. The socks are too fluffy for your mouth, which makes you cough. So I bought you some cotton boxing glove scratch mittens, which look totally awesome on you. You’ve always loved punching and swaying your arms up and down, now you have the gloves to match that behavior!


11 thoughts on “Babel Weekly – 10

    • Can’t wait for Babel to be able to sit up and be able to sit in a baby tub with cool water. We’re going to take him for his first swim on Tuesday though. Our pool is at the gym in the park next to the building, but that’s not nearly as cool as an apartment building with its own pool!

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      • We are lucky to have this pool here in this apartment complex ( with sauna) I learned swimming here as well. When we went to Rhodes last summer Nathan was just around five months old and just started to sit on his own:)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Pool, sauna, and you guys have a party room in the building too. That’s one awesome place you live at!

        Five months, alright we’ll have to be a bit more patient then…


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