Babel Weekly – 9

9 Weeks Old

9 weeks old already, that means you’ve gone past the two month mark as well! You’re getting older and growing quickly, well done little boy.

2 Months Old

This past week, on two different occasions, I tried to let daddy give you some of my expressed breast milk from a bottle, but found out that it tasted horribly after heating it up in the bottle warmer. I put some on the inside of my wrist to test its temperature, then licked it of, and could not believe the terrible metallic aftertaste. It almost tasted poisonous. I was scared to give it to you, and wondered if it always tasted like this after warming up. Daddy tried to let you drink but very quickly you started refusing it. That was enough for me to get rid of the whole bottle and give it to you fresh from the breast instead. You have drunk bottles of expressed milk before, but I was never there to smell or taste that milk. So I’m not sure what it normally tastes like and I was hoping that this weird tasting milk would just be an exception. Then we tried again with new milk later in the week, but unfortunately the same thing happened. Oh well, I really hate expressing milk anyways. The breast pump is not nearly as efficient as you are at getting milk out, so it’s a huge waste of time. From now on, it’s only fresh from the breast for you. At six months old you’ll be allowed more than breast milk, that’s only four more months, I think that’s doable.

Three Bears

You don’t fit in your cute little brown bear suit anymore, but as you can see you also have a larger bear suit, a polar bear version. Mommy and daddy don’t have bear suits but we have bear shirts. As you can see, we are your proud Papa and Mama Bear. Daddy got his shirt for Father’s Day and I got myself a matching one, in our favorite colors.

Happy Father's Day, Sick Daddy

On Father’s Day, daddy wasn’t feeling well, but it was his first Father’s Day ever so we had to celebrate. You prepared a breakfast in bed for daddy (with my help). He normally only eats a banana in the morning, so we made him some fruit kabobs. He loved it and ate it all, well done Babeltje.

Baby Babel

This week you also received your first batch of immunizations. One injection in each thigh and some live vaccine was administered into your mouth. Beforehand the nurse told us about all the nasty side effects it could have on you, like fever and tummy aches. She told us that you would probably spend a few hours crying loudly and curl up your legs in pain. Then that would be a good time to give you baby paracetamol. Just the thought of you in that much pain made me cry already, luckily the nurse had a box of tissues handy.

When she gave you the actual shots you cried out and physically protested (I was holding your leg and arm), and you slapped away the syringe with the live vaccine (which apparently was supposed to taste good) when the nurse tried to give that to you. When it was all over, the nurse told us you had done really well, especially compared to the other babies that day, you hardly even cried. Your mom on the other hand, she did not do so well, she was still crying when we left.

The rest of the day I was on high alert for any fever or other sign of pain or discomfort in you, but you seemed pretty much fine. You slept a lot more in the afternoon and early evening, and were a tiny bit whiney when you wanted to feed. We never needed the infant paracetamol. A couple of days later, you were a bit crabbier than normal, you fussed a lot and needed lots of attention. I’m not sure if that because of the immunizations earlier in the week, or if you were just having a bad day.

All in all, it was not nearly as bad as I had feared. In four weeks, we have to go again for your second batch of immunizations. I’m sorry, Babel, but it’s for the best. At least you won’t remember these shots when you grow up. I on the other hand will probably never forget when they stabbed needles into my sweet baby and I couldn’t stop crying…


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