Babel Weekly – 8

8 Weeks Old

Babel, you’ve finally started smiling socially on a regular basis. You already frequently smiled in your sleep after feeding and even giggled with those smiles on a few (very cute) occasions. But we’ve had to be patient to see you smile in reaction to us. I read somewhere it would be somewhere between your 4th and 6th week, and even though I detected your first social smile somewhere around week 6, that was about it. In this past week, your 8th week, you’ve actually been doing a few social smiles in a row and at different times, each day! That makes daddy and mommy really happy!

First Smile Caught on Camera

Everytime, I am about to feed you, you have a smile in your eyes. When I change you and your eyes find the mobile I made you, you get happy and start to coo and quite often smile. But what gets the biggest reaction out of you is the awesome ceiling (a.k.a. very white, regular, and boring ceiling) in the living room. Very often when you are in your Wool Nest and you’re looking up, the ceiling gets rewarded with adorable coos, giggles and wide smiles. Luckily, I am usually around to enjoy seeing you do that, since the ceiling doesn’t seem to care less whether you smile or not. Then when I get my iPhone out to try to capture you smiling, you get distracted by the phone and look back at it and me in a suspicious and sceptical way. But not this past week, I actually managed to catch your gorgeous smile on camera!


You know you have a couple of nicknames already. Daddy often calls you “unko-man” [poop-man in Japanese], because you are really good at making big yellow poops in your diapers. Also you are a master at farts, a true ‘fartist’. Your parents are very proud. But more regularly you are referred to as little Godzilla (sometimes just plain “little monster”) because of all the grunting you do on a daily basis. It can get really loud, frustrated, even excited, and you often stretch, kick and punch while doing it. Of course, all the while you are absolutely adorable.

Seeing Stars

You’ve been very hungry. These days you typically leave only 30-45 minutes in between feeds. Your mommy seems to be permanently parked on the couch, with Netflix on the TV, a drink on the coffee table, and you and her breastfeeding pillow on her lap. It’s been making me worried about going out. Since you want to drink so frequently and it’s not always easy to find a place out in public where I can comfortably feed you. We’re both not very used to feeding in the cradle position, but we are pros at the football hold by now. This is fine at home with an army of pillows, but feeding like that is impossible on a park bench or on a cafe stool. We really need to practice the more traditional position, so we can go out without mommy worrying.

Side Sleeping

You sleep very well, especially during the day, in the short pauses between feeds, and anywhere on mommy. As soon as I put you down in your bassinet you still wake though. In this past week, we tried bed sharing with the mattress on the floor. We were sleeping perpendicularly so we would have more space between us for you on our small mattress, meaning mommy and daddy’s feet were sticking out and uncomfortably hanging on the floor. It went kind of okay for two nights, I fed you lying down and together we would snooze the night away. But during the third night I got frustrated, you would not latch on well in the lying down position, and I had no wall to lean on to feed the regular way. I got fed up with the mess, the discomfort of having to counteract the mattress’ tendency to make me roll to the middle and our feet dangling. It was also very drafty right next to the window. Neither of us slept well and daddy and I put everything back to normal the next day. Since then you have actually slept in your bassinet at night for a few stretches of 3 and 4 hours, and only a short feed in between. I’m knocking on wood now, because that was wonderful and I sincerely hope you keep that up.

Babel Asleep


7 thoughts on “Babel Weekly – 8

  1. Hij is zo lief en schattig, dat was de verschrikkingen van de geboorte vast meer dan waard! En voor zover ik kan zien (en wat weet ik er nou van) lijkt hij zowel op jou als op Yasu. :-) Je bent trouwens ook goed in mooie foto’s van hem maken.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Het was zeker de verschrikkingen van de geboorte waard. Het heeft me wel aan het denken gezet of ik wel echt een tweede wil, ooit. Veel te bang dat het de volgende keer nog veel erger mis gaat en dat Babel en de nieuwe baby zonder mama komen te zitten… Maar andere mama’s zeggen me dat het niet uit maakt hoe traumatisch de eerste geboorte was. Baby fever komt vanzelf weer.

      We horen inderdaad heel vaak dat hij een goede mix is tussen Yasu en ik. Ene foto lijkt ie op hem, andere op mij. Mooi zo! Dat was de bedoeling ;).

      We hebben een tijdje getwijfeld of we een newborn shoot wilden doen, maar die zijn super duur en dan moet je ook nog per foto betalen. Je bent al gauw een klein fortuin kwijt. Wij hadden zoiets van, wij hebben al dure nieuwe iPhones gekocht zodat we Babel’s groei goed konden documenteren. Dus laten we dat maar lekker zelf doen. En natuurlijk ben ik langes niet zo goed als een professional, maar ik ben heel blij met de kwaliteit van foto’s en video’s die mijn telefoon maakt. En het maakt niet uit hoeveel ik er maak het kost niets extra ;).

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