Babel Weekly – 7

7 Weeks Old

This past week we had a bunch of check-ups. Babel and I both a doctor’s appointments to see how we were doing 6 weeks post partum. Pretty well. I had a dentist’s appointment, which was my least favorite part of the week, but I must admit after having been through a difficult birth the dentist thankfully becomes a tad less scary. And the health visitor came by to measure little Babel and give us loads of advice.

Almost 7 weeks and 5.9 kg

We tried weighing Babel ourselves on our home scale in the past weeks, but it seems we were a bit off. We thought he weighed 6 kilos last week already, but actually he’s only 5.9 kilos now at 7 weeks old. He’s in the 75th percentile of weight and with 60 cm tall he’s in the 91st percentile of length. It’s must be his Dutchness that’s coming through (Dutch is the tallest nationality in the world), because his Japanese dad is not tall at all, his Dutch mom is actually taller. After some remarks from my grandmother I had been fretting over the fact that he may have been too heavy. Which was silly because I know he’s healthy and breastfed babies cannot be overfed. Still it was great to have it confirmed by actual data, that Babel is actually light for his length. He is healthy and his body is nicely in proportion. Making his parents proud and happy.

Broad Walk, Baby

Since this is the last health visit for a while, the health visitor gave us an enormous amount of information about the coming year, which was quite fun actually to talk about all the things we’ll be doing with Babel. Apparently, here they encourage moms to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months and then to introduce solid foods through baby-led weaning, which was what I was already planning to do, so that was good to hear. We also talked about co-sleeping, or more specifically bed-sharing, because that’s discouraged here in England, but it really is what Babel seems to prefer. He does not want to settle in his bassinet after night feedings which makes it really hard to get through the night sometimes. Except for that one night last week when he slept from 1am until 7am, he probably knew his sleep-deprived mommy needed to catch up on some sleep. But normally he’ll fall asleep nursing and wake up as soon as I put him down in his bassinet and our bodies stop touching each other. He only seems comfortable when either his mommy or daddy is holding him close, and even though we’ve tried really hard not to bedshare, it has happened. So the health visitor decided to refer us to information about safe bed-sharing. I’ve been researching the topic and applying the things I’m learning at night. We’ve been practicing with a combination of bed-sharing and bassinet sleeping and so far night times have improved, already. Perhaps, we’ll soon just switch to full-time bed-sharing.

We’re also continuing to try tummy time, and Babel still does not like it:Not a Fan of Tummy Time

My favorite Babel picture of his 7th week of life is this one of his Superman pose on his cloud top cot changer. He loves getting a clean diaper now. I used to follow official advice and change his diaper before feeds, since “us adults would also not like to have dinner while sitting in poop”. But Babel hated getting his diaper changed, he would be hungry and therefore be fussing and fighting for food. About a week after we’d left the hospital, I started doing it differently. Everytime he asks for food (it’s a specific cry) I give him what he wants immediately, instead of cleaning his diaper first. Then when he’s done with one breast, before offering the second, I change his diaper. Now, he’s always relaxed and content when it’s time for a new diaper. First thing he does, when I put him down on his changer, is stretch wide and long with both his arms and legs while making delicious baby sounds. Then he adopts this Superman pose and flies through the clouds while watching the mobile I made him.

Superman in the clouds


5 thoughts on “Babel Weekly – 7

  1. That’s right, don’t worry a bit about overfeeding the breast-fed baby, and if Babel needs to be close to his parents now, do it safely. Plenty of time to teach him to soothe himself later. Maybe when he has a transitional toy or a blanket. :)

    The dinosaur keeps getting smaller!

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    • I’ve so many terrible things about teaching babies to self soothe by letting them cry it out a.k.a. sleep training. I would never want to put that kind of torture on my little baby’s brain. Nor would I want him to learn he cannot trust his parents, so he’ll stop crying out for us and just suffer in silence. I want him to feel loved and safe, if that means I don’t get to do my own thing for a while or that I have to function on a lot less sleep, so be it. I am at his service.
      Kind of hope that the dinosaur will be his special stuffed animal that he gets attached to :).

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  2. Our little one was also pretty tall for his age always and just average weight. Now I have no clue about those things as in Germany are much less checkups for children than in Finland (there in the beginning every 2 weeks, then 4 weeks and later once every 3 months…)
    We had a mix of co sleeping and the other stuff with Nathan. Right now he sleeps in the beginning in his own bed and somewhen in the night when he wakes up shortly we take him to our bed for the rest of the night :)

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