Babel Weekly – 6

6 Weeks Old

Our baby is a six-week-old now. A couple of weeks ago, in the middle of being overwhelmed, I heard this is when a new sense of normalcy will kick in again. Hmm, it may have, not quite sure yet. Babel and I are still working out a routine or at least a way of life that’s includes everthing that’s necessary, like leaving the house and cleaning the house, but I certainly don’t feel as overwhelmed and out of control anymore. I kind of speak Babel language now, as in I know when he’s asking for dinner as opposed to complaining about a poopy diaper. So that makes baby care a lot easier. Babel is thriving and amazingly he’s about 6 kilos now! He gained 2.5 kg since birth, well done my little rock star.

Slight smileKind of smiling

We’re no longer waiting to see Babel smile his first social smile, we’ve seen quite a few and he often combines them with cute baby sounds. As you can see, I’ve caught a few friendly looks, that kind of resemble a smile. But I am still trying to catch a real wide smile on camera. He loves smiling at his mobile when his diaper is getting changed and he likes to smile at me in the mirror, I think he prefers that ‘second mirror mommy’ over the real thing for now. Babel made daddy so happy with his smiles and sounds that he was jumping up and down in the nursery, simulating an earthquake on the loose floor boards.

Puj Tub bathingLoving it

We’re no longer struggling to bathe this little cutie. His baby bath (even with infant insert) was not easy to use. Our bathroom is too small for the bath and its standard, and putting it on the floor does not help bathing comfort at all, for Babel or me. So we’d been taking showers with Babel, which was easier but a little scary holding a slippery little one while in the shower. Now we’ve got a Puj Tub and it allows me to bathe Babel by myself in the kitchen sink with both hands free. I love it! And as you can see so does little Babel.

Boba Wrap TrialFirst time out with pram by myself

I have also been struggling a bit with the Ergo carrier, which is kind of murder on my hips and back. Today, my neighbor lent me her Boba wrap and so far it’s easier and feels more comfortable. I shall have to go outside to find out how it makes me feel after a walk through the park. Babel and I have actually ventured outside together in his sixth week of life, without the help of others! I managed to carry his heavy carrycot pram (with Babel in it) and the so-called (but not really) light-weight stroller all the way from the third floor, by myself. We went to meet some other local breast feeding moms. It was really nice to meet other mothers. They taught me simple but useful things like where the restrooms are in Buxton where you can change your little one, and I also practiced some feeding in public. We enjoyed our outing so much, we also joined a church playgroup the next day. We plan to go out to meet other children and moms every week from now on.

Staying over in oma's roomOma's back!

And guess who was back in Buxton to visit Babel? My mom of course! We kept her up to date on Babel’s progress through daily FaceTime chats, but nothing beats the real thing. Babel stayed over in his oma’s bedroom the whole time she was here and she loved all the quality time she had with him. Yasu and I even went on a dinner date and left my mom to babysit, but we were back quite quickly. We tried to kill some extra time in the supermarket, but all we wanted was go home to relax, and of course I missed Babel. We’re such parents.

Catching up with Matt in the parkBeing admired my oma, papa, and tante.

So Babel got a lot of attention in his sixth week of life. Not just from his parents, but also all the new mommy friends we made, lots of strangers who spotted his cute face while we were out, his oma, his auntie Yasmin and even our friend Matt, who was back in Buxton for a quick visit.

To conclude, I’ll leave you with my favorite Babel photo of this past week:



6 thoughts on “Babel Weekly – 6

  1. Wonderful happy pictures! The rock on pic reminds me I a picture we got of Nathan when he was around seven or eight weeks as he gave us thumbs up:)
    Nathan loved from the beginning bathing time (must be because I was a swimmer and he inherited swimming traits!!!…) however we had a small baby bathtub with infant insert which we had to place on the floor which was really hard for us. Here in Germany we got this baby changing table which can be converted into a Bathurst so we can wash him while we stand :)

    Liked by 1 person

      • Lol, got to love apple autocorrect. It was supposed to be “bathtub” :D
        We got this one from my parents when we visited them for the first time with Nathan last spring in Germany, if you like I can send you a pic of it, it is pretty useful at least for us as we don’t have a real changing table (inFinland we had a soft mattress on top of the washing machine…)

        Liked by 1 person

      • I actually know what product you are talking about, they sell those in the UK too. I almost bought one. Our baby bath has a standard so we can bath him standing up as well, and I will probably enjoy using it once Babel can sit up by himself.

        Liked by 1 person

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