Babel Weekly – 5

5 Weeks Old

Yesterday, Babel was already five weeks old! Time flies, especially when breastfeeding a tiny boy, hence my post a day late. Yet, I’m still pretty proud of myself blogging just a day late. Currently, little Babel is in the Ergo Carrier resting on my chest and listening to Bon Jovi, while I type a little bit about his fifth week of life. And five weeks old means he’s passed another milestone, yes he is officially a one-month-old now, wonder if that ends his newborn status?

1 Month Old

Don’t you think his little fluorescent orange jacket makes Babel look really cool? I kind of feel he needs a little moped to complete the look, or some cool sunglasses at least.

Father and SonMr. Babel Cool

The jacket is a bit too large still, but with loads of dirty clothes and still no working washer-dryer we’re just happy he’s some clean clothes to wrap around his little body. His uncle Gyano brought it over from the Netherlands. It was the first time for my little brother and little baby to meet and they kind of fell in love with each other.

Babel and GyOme Gy, Babel, Mama Lou

It was really endearing to see how much Gy was into his little nephew and he was holding and playing with Babel any chance he had. Unfortunately, he could only stay for the holiday weekend, and it was sad to see him go and realize he would not see Babel again for a really long time. Sometimes living abroad, away from your family, really sucks. But yesterday I heard there’s a good chance he’ll be back in Buxton for a short visit this summer, so yay!

Babel Holding on to MommyAfter Milk Smile

Babies are supposed to start smiling, socially, somewhere between week 4 and 6. So I have watching him like a hawk. He’s still doing the quick after-dinner smiles of which I was lucky enough to catch one on camera. But smiles in reaction to us and our silly antics, we’re still waiting for that. Although, I suspect I have seen one creep on his face this morning when I was leaning over his bassinet, stroking his face, and talking to him in a high voice. But it was a bit too fleeting for me to be confident. Hopefully, he’ll start smiling away this week.

Mommy vs Babel

So far, I’d considered Babel a mini version of Yasu, but this past week I started seeing myself (as a baby) more clearly in my son’s face. So I dug into my photo files and compared his baby face to my own. What do you think?!


10 thoughts on “Babel Weekly – 5

  1. You and him definitely look alike! My boyfriend (who has now developed a huge obsession with wanting a kid as cute as Babel) thought it was Babel in all the pictures! XD I can’t believe he’s already over a month old! It seems as just yesterday I began following your blog and you were entering your third trimester :D

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