Babel Weekly – 4

4 Weeks Old

Four weeks ago is when we became parents. Just four weeks ago when all those scary things happened, but thankfully it all ended with us holding our baby in that dark Neonatal room. In a few days Babel will be one month old already. I like him getting older, every day is one day closer to a manageable routine and a new normal, I’ve heard. I’ve survived two whole weeks at home alone with Babel. I prefer it when my main helpers are there, but my husband works a fulltime job and my mom lives in another country. Oh well, my job is to take care of Babel and I feel like I am getting better and more confident at it, slowly though, but it seems to be happening.

Our washer-dryer is still out of commission, probably until halfway through June, but we’re getting by with a little help from our friends. We have accomplished some other things in the meantime, though. Most importantly, we’ve officially registered little Mr. Babel Kotera in the United Kingdom, received his birth certificate, and we’ve started the paperwork for getting him passports from the Netherlands and Japan. This will be a long and international process and require some traveling down to London, with a teeny tiny baby, but it will all be worth it in the end. And he needs at least one passport, if we want to take him to either home country to meet his family at the end of this year.

Becoming Official

Also, I’ve finally finished that baby mobile I’d been making him and last night Yasu and I hung it in his nursery. And it’s a good time for that to be up there, because according to my baby app Babel is starting to be able to see better and follow things with his eyes. I’ve already caught him looking at it, somewhat suspiciously.

Handmade Mobile by Mommy
Babel's NurseryBabel's Nursery

I also managed to take Babel out by myself this week. Babel had a doctor’s appointment, which he didn’t really need anymore but I kept it anyways because I wanted to practice taking him out by myself. I’m not going to pretend it was easy or comfortable with that infant insert in my Ergobaby 360 Carrier, but it was a milestone nonetheless. I kind of wish I was able to take him out in his pram by myself though, but damn that thing is heavy and we live on the third floor in a building without an elevator…

Last week, we were also kind of succesful at taking Babel’s hand and foot prints. We used a DIY set, and it worked well on his feet, but when it was time for his hands, he’d woken up more and he was fighting the uncurling of his little fingers and it clearly shows in the smudgy prints. The perfectionist in me considered ordering a new DIY set from the internet, but then I decided to keep these because they show his fighting spirit and how strong he already is.

Babel Wearing MommyHand and Foot Prints

He really is very strong, it’s hard for me to cope with his strength during breastfeeding. I feed him in the football hold, and for some reason he likes to push away before he latches on and I keep having to bring him back to my breast. He’s so strong that I know have carpal tunnel in both my wrists and my arms just feel like pudding when he starts to fight me. If only he realized from the beginning that we both want the same thing: for him to get access to the milk factory.

Sleeping BabelBabel

What else have I accomplished this week? Oh yeah, to take and even more photos of our sweet little Babel with my iPhone. But I even managed to do that in the hospital, so I expect to be able to do that any and everywhere, as long as I have my phone. I have a regular point and shoot Canon camera somewhere, but I haven’t used it in ages, taking phone photos is just so much easier, and I love the result. I’ve been Babel spamming my Instagram followers for four weeks now, I just can’t help myself, he’s just too cute!

Sleepy BabelBabel's Pouty Face


8 thoughts on “Babel Weekly – 4

  1. Babel is just too cute! I was looking at this post with my BF and he got all broody again xD He seriously has the cutest face ever! His eyes are just wow :D <3 I can't believe he's already four weeks old!!

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  2. Congrats on all you accomplished! Our babe hated the ergo baby and we bought a different one. We used a place that rented them before buying, which was a huge help. Hubs and I have very different body shapes. And I hear you! We lived on the 3rd floor too with no elevator!

    Getting the Japanese passport was not too bad but we needed paperwork from Japan so we got the Cdn passport first. I think we had to add baby to hubby’s family domicile and then get a copy of the doc to submit for the passport??

    Have you tried holding Babel other ways? I wonder if he might be pushing away if your let down is too strong. One possibility is you leaning back with Babel lying on his tummy on your tummy to feed.

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    • I wish Buxton had any decent shop. All we really have is supermarkets, a few clothes shops, loads of charity shops and horrible £ shops. And lots of empty retail buildings… It’s quite sad. I have to rely on Amazon, so I hope the Ergo will suffice when he gets bigger.
      Yeah, Babel needs to be added to our koseki in Osaka first which takes about 2 months. For a Dutch passport I need to have his birth certificate legalized first. So we’ve submitted the paperwork for those two things. And now we wait. When we have everything we will have to plan a trip to London (which is quite far and seems like a huge hassle with a tiny breastfeeding baby) to visit our embassies to apply for passports. The Dutch embassy will then send it to our place when it’s done, the Japanese embassy requires us to pick it up in London again. Pfff. Such a hassle. Especially since until March 2015, you could take care of this stuff at consulates in a city near where you live (Manchester in our case). Oh well, I guess it’ll be worth it once he has his passports.
      Yeah, my let down does seem to be strongand his mouth often overflows. He’s so much better at getting milk out than my pump! Have tried the tummy-tummy one but it’s hard for him to breath with his face smothered by my breast. Feeding while lying next to each other in bed sometimes works though :).


      • Hi dear! I hope you are all well! I haven’t checked your blog lately but am looking forward to your latest update.
        Wow… that must be tough. As I’m sure you know, the Ergo is the top most popular carrier in Japan. When we visited arond the time our baby was 9 months, I was impressed how well the straps on my friend’s carrier were holding up. Mine had already started to compress and her’s were as fluffy as ever. Her little one enjoyed it and I feel like she said her little one was also not happy with the insert but once that could be removed, things got better.
        Yak! Good luck with all your passport work! The Canadian one was easy and the Japan one was also super easy once we had all we needed. That’s too bad you have to make a trip to London. I wonder why that is?? The good thing though is that babies are very portable for some time to come. :D
        That’s great that you’ve figured out lying down feeding! That took me ages and it felt so awkward but once I did, it was heaven. I was wondering… if Babel is gaining weight and there’s no medical need, is pumping needed? Especially now that you’re getting your supply sorted out in the first six weeks, I think it is, pumping can sometimes throw a bit of a curve into production. Although if there’s a strong letdown, it might help to hand express through the letdown and then Babel might not be spluttering as much?? Not sure if this post helps with lying back??
        Hope you’re all doing really well!


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