Weekly Babel

1 Week Old

Since week 29 of my pregnancy, I’ve been taking weekly photos of Babel, in my belly. And now that he’s out, I will keep doing the same. I know time will fly and I want to record his growth and his changes through these weekly Babel photos. Today, he’s two weeks old, so I already have two photos to share.

2 Weeks Old

As expected, life’s been pretty busy with our little Babel. My mom was here until yesterday to help out with any and everything, but now we have to do it ourselves. And Yasu’s paternity leave will be over when he returns to work on Monday, so then I’ll have to do it all myself!

So far Babel has been a sweet little baby with the superpower of melting the heart of everyone he comes into contact with. All we’ve basically been doing is tending to his needs, taking hundreds of photos (and sharing them on social media with a free hand on iPhone during feedings), and just being amazed at this strong little human and all the things he can do already. I really wonder what life will be like once we settle into some routine.


16 thoughts on “Weekly Babel

  1. Love the pictures. We were never able to take weekly or even monthly pictures of Nathan, something else came always up (I know, poor excuse :P )

    Hope you will be able to continue this because it will be awesome to look at later how fast little Babel is growing

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  2. Routine…..een routine wat weer bestaat uit verschillende fases! Eenmaal gewend aan de routine, voor je het weet zit je weer in de volgende fase! En dat blijft voorlopig zo maar das niet erg. Soms vermoeiend maar blijft leuk!

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  3. Once again, he has made my heart melt lol. I showed my boyfriend the pictures and he got a little too broody ;) seems like this little cutie captures the hearts of people thousands of miles away too :D

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