Babel Birth Announcement

We’ve named our little baby boy: Babel (pronounced “BAH-buhl”).

“Babel” means a confused mixture of sounds and voices, especially in different languages. It originates from the ‘Tower of Babel’ in the Bible, a tower built in an attempt to reach heaven. God made the builders all speak different languages in an effort to confuse them and stop them from finishing the tower to reach heaven. He wanted to enforce his command for humanity to spread throughout the entire world instead.

Yasu came up with the name almost three years ago, and the second he suggested it I absolutely adored it. I can still remember the moment, I came home to our little American studio apartment, saw him sitting on the bed and he said: “What do you think of Babel as a name for our baby?” I was utterly in love with it, instantly. We pronounce it the Dutch way, not the English way (“Bay-buhl”). We prefer the sound of the name in Dutch and this way the baby would have a Dutch first name and a Japanese last name. We decided right there and then that our firstborn, boy or girl, would be named Babel Kotera. And now he is!

In his Mokee Wool Nest

Yasu’s inspiration came from a video game named ‘Tower of Babel’ he used to play as a young boy, and had recently remembered and watched a video of on Youtube. At some point, he realized it was a great name for a baby and the name’s meaning would make it even more perfect for a child going to be raised trilingually and on different continents of our earth. I completely agreed and I also love the fact that Yasu came up with it.

We kept Babel’s name a secret ever since we decided upon it, because we wanted to keep it special. More than 10 years ago, even though we were nowhere near ready to have children then, we already had some baby names we loved. We made the mistake of sharing these names with my mother, who then proceeded to make our baby names her passwords for any and every kind of online service she subscribed to, and they still are today. For us, this didn’t just take the shine out of names that were once very special to us, it is also kind of offensive to me to name our child after something as ordinary and dull as online passwords. I think we’re safe from the same happening now that I’ve shared this little anecdote on the internet. Because if she changes her online passwords to our baby’s actual name now, her online accounts are going to be way too easy to hack. Be warned, Moem ;).


12 thoughts on “Babel

  1. Great name! Unique and fitting.

    I don’t know about everyone else here in the the U.S., but I definitely pronounce it BAH-buhl. And when he’s older and won’t be quiet, you can tell him to stop babbling. :)

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  2. I wonder if it’s pronounced as in German Bah-Bell..okay I can’t really write it down how we pronounce it but German got so much in common with Dutchso there might be a chance :)

    When your next baby is a girl you may call her Mabel :D

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    • It’s very, very close to the German pronunciation, actually. Except for the last syllable the ‘e’ is pronounced more like a ‘u’ than and ‘e’. If that makes sense… I actually do like the name Mabel, pronounced the English way in that case :).

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    • Especially with an unusual name like Babel in conservative England, I get lots of frowns and puzzled looks when I tell them the name. I keep having to explain the meaning and that seems to make it better somehow. But hey everyone can have an opinion, good or bad, we absolutely love the name! My brothers and I have had unusual names our whole lives and we liked never meeting anyone else with the same name.

      I used Inkscape for the graphics. It’s like Adobe Illustrator but it’s open source software so it’s free. I have both programs now, but never use Illustrator because I’m used to Inkscape and it’s easier to me. Also the license will never run out :).


      • Oh, I can only imagine what you’re running into with the name you chose. It is fun to have a name that is not popular, except when your name happens to be the name of the wife of the president of the US and you happen to be living overseas at the time and you get neverending questions about how’s Bill, Chelsea or some other variation. :D

        Ooo! I’m curious about checking out Inkscape and I love free. I keep wanting to try adding dodads to my photos. Some day!

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      • Inkscape like Illustrator can look at little daunting at first. Just google Inkscape Tutorials, and follow along with a few. They really helped me start out and discover the possibilities of Inkscape. Now I make all my graphics (like my blog banner and my sewing graphics for my pdf patterns) with Inkscape.


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