Little One Loading: Still Buffering

40 Weeks Pregnant

Yep, I’m still pregnant! Happy Due Date, sweet little baby. We’re very excited to meet you, but take your time and come out whenever you’re ready to meet us.

40 Weeks Pregnant

Today I’m 40 weeks pregnant, a.k.a. 9 months pregnant! We made it all the way to the end. I was originally scheduled for a membrane sweep today, which was the obstetrician’s idea. During my last appointment with her, she said that since my pregnancy had been going so well and there had been no problems or complications, I was allowed to have a membrane sweep on my due date and a week after my due date. I wasn’t sure why she was so smiling so widely when she told me this, because the whole idea just made me feel uncomfortable. My body and baby have been working together excellently for 40 weeks now, they did not need any instruction of intervention to get where we are today. Why would this be any different when it comes to labor? When baby is ready to come meet us, I’m sure he and my body know what to do. What’s the haste? There’s no need to hurry baby up. He’s not even late yet, this is his actual due date.

I’m not anxious for him to be born as soon as possible, at all. I’ve been pretty relaxed about waiting for him to be ready. I want him to be born naturally, healthily, on his terms, and with as little intervention as possible. The only reason I found myself slightly wanting him to come before his due date was to actually avoid that membrane sweep. It made me so uncomfortable, you may remember from my birth plan that I do NOT want any interventions to speed labor up. Besides membrane sweeps don’t work anyways when your body and baby aren’t ready yet. So, really what’s the point? Yes, I’m excited to meet baby, but I’m patient. Also, like all interventions, a membrane sweep can lead to complications, which can lead to more serious interventions and more serious complications. Yes, it’s a less invasive and a less dangerous intervention than medicinal induction, but I’m not in my 42nd week yet. When I get there, I will consider the topic of a membrane sweep again. I’m really eager not to get caught in that cascade of interventions, especially since there’s absolutely no medical reason for me to get started down that road.

So when a midwife called me this morning to arrange a home visit for the sweep, I declined. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that she completely agreed, and that she had planned a little speech to talk me out of it before administering the sweep. Especially, since it’s my first baby (they’re often overdue) and today is only his due date. I’m so glad my main carers in pregnancy are midwives and not obstetricians. Midwives deal with natural births and obstetricians deal with the medical emergencies in birth. Of course, it’s good to have them around in the hospital when things do go wrong during labor. But they seem to need a lot of reminding that many babies are also born without any intervention or pain relief. At least my obstetrician does. The obstetrician never believed me when I told her this was the norm in my country and she always treated me like I was crazy for wanting the same. My mom was actually with me during my last appointment and assured her that yes indeed she had given birth naturally to 3 babies without pain relief, including one breech baby. You should have seen the face of the obstetrician: total incredulity. Then she turned to me, smiled and told me that I needn’t worry since we do have all kinds of pain relief here in England. She completely missed the point, again…

Nursery Peek

When baby is ready to come, we’re ready for him. I’m still waiting for a few replacement items for the nursery, but if he decides to arrive today we have all we need for now. There’s really nothing left to worry about so I’ve been pretty relaxed waiting for labor to start over the last week. Except two days ago, when Buxton had a brief water pressure problem due to a burst water main. So I was worried about going into labor when we had no running water or flushing toilets (Yasu even had to go to the gym to brush his teeth before going to work) but thankfully that was resolved rather quickly. I do still have a hard time moving around, but I know I’ll regain that ability after baby comes out, so I just take it as easy as possible. I also try to enjoy all his movements inside my belly to the fullest of my ability now he’s still inside, I’m sure I’m going to miss that a whole lot when he’s out.

40 Weeks PregnantBaby Mobile MakingBaby Mobile MakingBaby Mobile Making

I spend my time waiting for this little one making decorations for his nursery. I’ve already made him a name banner, and I’m still working on felt animals for his baby mobile. Stitching things by hand takes forever, so I know I won’t finish before he’s here, but that’s fine, it gives me something fun to do in the meantime. I love watching true crime shows when I’m sewing, to me those shows are interesting and actually relaxing. But my hypnobirthing book and midwife advised watching funny movies, while waiting for and especially during the first phase of labor, to keep stress levels at a minimum and increase my levels of oxytocin, so yesterday I was watching a romantic comedy while sewing instead of my regular crime shows. Problem was that the movie’s happy ending included the birth of a little boy. It had me bawling my eyes out for at least 15 minutes. I actually had to watch a true crime show about a murderous husband, just to calm me down. Those romantic comedies are way too upsetting in my condition. Pffff hormones.


14 thoughts on “Little One Loading: Still Buffering

    • I have actually seen quite a few of those too in the last few weeks. I prefer watching the American shows by the way, they’re just better :D. Luckily even though some husband kill their pregnant wives, it still feels so far from my own reality, it doesn’t upset me :). Sweet little babies being born though, yeah can’t handle that right now.

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  1. How are you doing today? Sorry I haven’t replied to your comments yet. I will soon! That must be annoying that your doctor doesn’t seem supportive or aware (!!) That’s interesting that you have a doctor and a midwife. I’m not sure if it’s Canada wide since each province looks after its own healthcare but where I am, you can have only a midwife or a doctor for babies. Once your six weeks postpartum is up, you lose your midwife but you don’t even have to see a doctor at all while you’re pregnant unless… you have risks where your mw can no longer care for you or you have a condition that a midwife can’t authorize medical leave for, like stress leave. I hope midwives eventually become more accepted and respected here. Pregnancy is not an illness! And my unsolicited advice for today is stock up on every movie, show, tv reruns and anything else to pass time. I spent most of my time sitting for the first 6 months. :D and especially the first 4. In the beginning, I watched the same thing repeatedly because I only caught bits at a time. I’m so excited for you!

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    • I’m doing fine today, still no sign of baby, he’s having a good time inside my belly. I didn’t choose who’s looking over me during pregnancy. I’ve seen about 5 or 6 different Buxton midwives so far, they work as a team, and one obstetrician that comes to Buxton from the big city hospital to consult on the medical things. I will be giving birth at the hospital she works at. But during labor and birth I’ll be assisted by midwives on duty at the hospital, which will be different ones from the ones that work here in Buxton. And if anything goes wrong an obstetrician will take over, but it doesn’t have the be the same one that I saw in Buxton. Regarding your advice: thank goodness for Netflix and YouTube. But I do think I will miss a lot, since I expect to be looking at baby 😁.


      • Good to hear! I was exactly a week past the presumed due date and I remember being told to have a little celebration on the first due date and then to keep celebrating each week that passed. It sounds like you are pretty relaxed waiting though. That’s interesting again about having a whole team! In my case, I was assigned a team of midwives through the midwifery but there were only two midwives on my team and I saw both the whole way through and they both attended my birth at the birth centre. There are only a handful in Canada and it was nice to have that opportunity. It’s like giving birth at home. Ha ha! So true about looking at baby! I watched a ton of Ghibli movies over and over and over and cried all the time. :D I’m also a crier (I think you said you were in one of your posts??) when I’m not surging with pregnancy and post-birth hormones! Oh! Something else I wish I had done pre-birth. I’d been told this but had no idea that preparing food really would be such a pain… have lots of premade food and snacks ready to go at home. We ended up eating sandwiches from the local grocery store for the first week and that got to be just awful quickly.

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      • Yes, yes I am a huge crybaby! Great at crying while not pregnant, excellent at it right now :). I did get the stock your freezer up with precooked meals advice! I am okay with baby being late, but the doctor is not. I can hold her off until 41+5 which is when it’s policy to induce with pitocin. So I really hope baby starts up my contractions by himself before next Thursday. There’s another sweep scheduled for Saturday, and I’m not sure whether to accept it this week, since it’s more natural of an intervention than pitocin. Have your midwives given you one?


      • Baby was exactly one week “late” from the suspected due date. I think I had the sweep on the day baby was supposed to come?? I was also going to have a special preparation tea made that one week later but my water broke in the afternoon before we were going to get the tea and baby arrived 4.5 hours later. While I don’t like the idea of forcing babies out, I have a friend who had issues when baby was left beyond the period that was considered safe by the doctor. It’s a balance, I suppose, with wanting to be “natural” in a science-informed world. :D

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      • Yes, I’m having a hard time deciding and balancing that. Scheduled for a sweep tomorrow if I want. A week after due date. And medical induction on Thursday. But hopefully baby makes the decision for me. Had my show yesterday in the middle of the night and hours of regular and frequent contractions, thought it was all happening yesterday. But at noon it all regressed into nothing. But contractions have returned this night and they’re much stronger now. Keep having to put my phone down because new one comes as I’m currently reacting in between contractions. Hoping for progression instead of regression today :).


      • Eeeeeee!!!! I keep checking your bloggy blog awaiting your news but of course, I assume your family and friends will know first. ;D So I will patiently wait until it’s time! I’m thinking of you and yours!


  2. Wow, it’s already your due date! I’m glad everything is going well and I wish you an easy delivery! Looking forward to hearing news of the little one ^^


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