Little One Loading: 90% Complete

36 Weeks Pregnant

One more week and baby is done baking, he’ll be full term then. After that it just depends on how crispy he wants to be when he comes out of this mommy oven. I’m hoping he will stay in at least for 40 weeks, because we’re really not ready for his arrival yet.

Even though I ordered all my Mokee nursery stuff back in January, we still have only received our crib. We’re still waiting for the top cot changer, the bassinet with standard, and all his bassinet and crib bedding from Mokee. The latter items were on pre-order but since they had February dispatch dates it should have been fine, that was plenty of time for things to get here before baby does. But it is almost April now, the baby is full term next week, and we didn’t even receive all the items that were actually in stock at the time I ordered it. We only received one complete shipment, with the crib. Also, I have held off ordering a baby bath until the bassinet standard gets here to make sure I order a bath that fits in the same standard. So at this point, If baby decides to come early, we can’t bathe him, we can’t change him, and we don’t really have anywhere for him to sleep, since we don’t even have bedding for his crib.

If baby comes early, I really don’t want to have to go out hastily and buy all that stuff from another place. Since we already ordered and paid for the Mokee stuff ages ago, I don’t want to end up with double the amount of stuff we need and money wasted. I keep bothering Mokee with my worries, but they’re having supplier problems and their hands seem to be tied. I have been trying to be patient and not worry too much (like I always do), but I am really desperate for my Mokee order to arrive. They promised my order has been prioritized and would be shipped out by the end of last week. But it hasn’t. So I sent another email, and I’m getting really frustrated over the super-delayed order. This has not been good for my pregnancy-hormone-fueled anxiety. I’ve already lost sleep over it.

I really love the Mokee products, at least from what I can see on their website. But if you’re pregnant now and getting stuff together for your nursery from online shops, I would not recommend ordering things from Mokee. Their pre-order dispatch dates keep moving further and further into the future on their website, and so far none of them have been honored. And then items supposedly in stock currently, are apparently not all deliverable either. All my Amazon and IKEA stuff did arrive timely though, early actually, so for now they’re a much safer bet, especially if you want to avoid stress during your pregnancy.

Even though I’m on maternity leave, I searching for time to do everything I want to do.Of course, there are many other things that are still on my before-baby-to-do list. I still need to write out my birth plan, or rather birth preferences; I need a lot more practice with my hypnobirthing techniques; I need to pack my hospital bag, but first I’ll need to buy essential things on the bring-to-hospital list, like diapers; we’re supposed to make freezer meals for the first week or weeks after delivery, but I honestly don’t see that happening; a big spring cleaning through the apartment would be nice, but I’m having such a hard time moving around due to pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain (PPGP) that I don’t really see that happening either.

Right now, my biggest desire is to finish the nursery and add my own decorative touches. I want to make a name banner for over the crib and a baby mobile of little Eleventh Monkey felt animals. I have started handstitching this week, but I have to take it slow and be very careful with my sewing-induced wrist and arm injuries. I did feel my wrist flare up a bit working on a little penguin this week, but it was so much fun and I’m excited to make more, hopefully before baby gets here.

Baby Mobile Making

One did we did finish by now are the antenatal classes. This week, auntie Yasmin came with us and we all learned about feeding. It was a fun class, so much more comfortable to sit through than the lesson about medical and chemical interventions last week. These classes are midwife led, who are all about doing everything baby-related the natural way, so of course breastfeeding was recommended and we learned why it is healthier than formula feeding. I didn’t need any convincing, I have always wanted to breastfeed and I hope the baby takes to it well. Even if he does not, there’s plenty of help available in the hospital and Buxton. The midwife had a knitted boob and a doll and demonstrated how to let baby latch on and feed. This was so instructive, that Yasmin and even Yasu feel confident they’ll be able to breastfeed! Yasu looks like a natural doesn’t he?!

Breastfeeding Class

I had expected to be taught how to change diapers in the classes, like you always see in the movies, but we didn’t. It’s fine, I have two much younger brothers and also have babysat my fair share of non-related babies, so I know how to change diapers. We did learn about baby poop consistencies though, yay! I think none of us will ever forget the image of that diaper filled with black tar-like goo, which is what we should expect in baby’s first days. Lots to look forward too!


4 thoughts on “Little One Loading: 90% Complete

  1. Hahaha I love Yasu breastfeeding :D

    Don’t worry about the things. Even if they don’t arrive on time, you will still be able to change and bathe the baby! People did that before without using fancy stuff, right? ;) And regarding sleeping, in China it seems babies sleep in the bed with their parents! (I need to research this though, I would be afraid of turning and crushing him! But small babies don’t move so there’s no danger they will fall!).

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    • Hmm it’s taught here sleeping in the same bed with baby is very dangerous. But we do have a crib, just no bedding. So if baby comes early we’ll just have to buy some extra bedding on the way home from the hospital. And yeah, I guess we could bathe the baby in the kitchen sink somehow. He’ll still be tiny. :)

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