Little One Loading: 87.5% Complete

35 Weeks Pregnant

So far so good! Baby is still going strong. Had another checkup with the midwife again this week, and baby and mommy are still both healthy and passing all tests. I like going to see the midwife, I get to hear baby’s heartbeat and I get reassured everything is going well. And the doctor’s office is just a short walk across the park, which is super convenient.

The baby is big. I’m enjoying all the obvious movements and kicks and kind of never want it to end, still I’m looking forward to the baby dropping down in a few weeks because sometimes breathing can be hard. Especially when I’m in the middle of my weekly catch up with my mom on Facetime, I can’t seem to get enough air. I guess I talk too much and too excitedly. It’s also becoming a challenge to get in and out of bed, to sleep comfortably, to sit comfortably, and of course walking and standing are quite exhausting. I’m glad I’m on maternity leave, I remember my last day at work was tough, it was a fast-paced day and exhausting. I got nauseous and almost cried because my body felt so stressed out. Now, I can take a nap whenever the baby wants me to (usually with my head down on a table sitting on a yoga ball) and he wants me to, a lot, a lot, a lot. I have so many things on my to-do-before-baby-gets-here list, but all that sleep is getting in the way.

We went to our second antenatal class last Monday and as expected it was scary. The midwives did a great job educating us in this need-to-know-just-in-case topic of “when nature needs a helping hand”. We learned more about all the pros and cons of different kinds of drugs and we even saw a very instructive demonstration of what happens before, during, and after a C-section, all with Playmobil figures and a Playmobil operating room play set. Yet, I wasn’t feeling well. It made me all very anxious and breathless. Baby was kicking wildly during the class as well, perhaps he was sensing the increasing tense state of my body during the class and was trying to make me loosen up? I’m glad we’re done with the topic now and we’ll be learning about feeding this Monday, a much more pleasurable topic.

Online Shopping Spree Results

We also built the IKEA furniture and received all items from my recent online baby shopping spree. I’m still waiting on a few more Mokee items for the nursery before I’ll share a peek. We still need a bunch of smaller items and I want to make some decorative things for the baby’s room, like a mobile for over his bed (not sure how to hang it yet) and a name banner for his wall. So I’m glad we have five more weeks before baby gets here. Unless he decides to come early.


9 thoughts on “Little One Loading: 87.5% Complete

  1. Many of these things we also brought/ got from my parents like the Philips Avents stuff or the Ergobaby carrier.

    During one visit to the hospital they showed us all the different rooms we would/ could use and we also had to watch a video showing all about giving birth and also C-Section (however not with playmobil stuff, real videos…)

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