Little One Loading: 82.5% Complete

33 Weeks Pregnant

Week 33 of pregnancy starts today and so does my “baby vacation”! Yesterday was my last day at work, which was a bit strange because it kind of feels like I will just be going back to work on Monday. But I won’t! Officially, I am on annual leave now until April, which is when my actual maternity leave starts. I’m not expected back at work until April 2016. So weird.

I’m sure I will miss seeing my coworkers and customers, but I am also really happy to be able to totally focus on being pregnant now. I can prepare for labor by practicing my hypnobirthing techniques, I will be able to take a nap whenever baby wants me to, I can go swimming when it’s not crowded and noisy at the pool. I will need to go on an immense online shopping spree to get all the baby stuff we still need, and I really need to chase after the nursery furniture that still hasn’t arrived after 6 weeks of waiting. What if baby boy Kotera decides to come early? We need to be ready for him.

Week 32 Growth Scan

As you can see from the photos, I have had another growth scan this week among some other antenatal check-ups. As I expected from the changed position of his kicks and punches over the last two weeks, he’s moved position. He is still head down, but he’s no longer in the perfect position for delivery (back-to-belly), right now he’s back-to-back. There is still more than enough time for him to turn back the right way and I have learned a few tricks to help him do it. His weight is right on target with 2 kilos and his belly circumference is also average. His head circumference is a bit above average which according to Yasu makes sense since his own head is so large. Like father like son? Oh, and he’s definitely still a boy!

I love going to the midwife and hospital. I know things are going well with the pregnancy so far, I can physically feel it, but it’s always nice to get that extra confirmation from the professionals. They always thoroughly check whether mommy and baby are happy and healthy and as an extra bonus they are always really nice and lovely. I always leave these appointments with a big smile on my face, I am really lucky to be pregnant in the UK.

Week 32 Growth Scan

The best part of these check-ups is hearing baby’s heart beat and seeing him on the screen. The sonographer told us that taking ultrasound pictures gets harder the bigger he gets, but we don’t mind, any picture -good or bad- is awesome in our book! In this last picture we got to see how flexible our little boy is, the ‘bubbles’ right in front of his face is his umbilical cord and the large ‘smudge’ on the left of the cord is actually his foot. I am flexible myself (when I am not pregnant) but putting my foot that close to my face would be quite the challenge. Well done little one, you already make your parents proud.


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