Name the Stitch

If you have been reading my blog for a while you probably know that I love making plushies. I started doing that a long time ago in Japan, and like with everything I love doing I overdid it and gave myself a few nasty arm and hand injuries. Ouch. Oh well, the story of my life. After finally accepting I couldn’t hand-stitch dozens of plushies anymore, at least not without aggravating my injuries, I used a machine to stitch plushies when I was in the States. It was a change in process I had to get used to, but soon enough I loved doing that too. I have been trying to get back into it here in England, but my new sewing machine is quite crappy and frustrates me to no end. It’s the same brand as the one in the States, I bought it new, but the tension on it is ridiculous. I have tried to adjust it numerous times, but it just won’t sew my felt properly.

So now I am back to making PDF patterns to teach others how to hand-stitch my designs. Which is great because I get to play around with Inkscape and make computer graphics. I’m actually updating my old patterns into a more consistent design and working on a slew of new patterns for a pattern book which I intend to self-publish. Hopefully soon.

Blanket Stitch

I have been working on creating step-by-step images for the stitches I like to use on my plushies. I used to use the blanket stitch (see above) almost exclusively. Until I hosted a workshop in Japan once, and one of my students chose to do the blanket stitch I showed her slightly differently. Like so:

Blanket Stitch with a Twist

I really liked the look of her ‘blanket stitch with a twist’ and the amount of control it gave me over the stitch. I quickly abandoned the original blanket stitch and used this adapted version of it exclusively. But I have no idea what it is called, and so I don’t know what to call it in my pattern book. At first, it seemed similar to a buttonhole stitch, which is its own blanket stitch with a twist, but having tried them side by side, they are different.

Does anyone know what the stitch is called, if anything?


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