Little One Loading: 80% Complete

32 Weeks Pregnant

This last week our little one seems to have changed habits and position. Before, every night between eleven and twelve, the baby would start to get extra active which gave Yasu a great chance to talk to him (in Japanese) head on belly while getting kicked in the face. At the last scan we saw he was head down facing my back, perfect position for birth, which made sense to me since I always felt him kicking on my upper left side. While pregnant, I like to sleep on my right side with Yasu’s arm folded over my left side and belly, and we would fall asleep giggling at the little one’s kicks at Yasu’s arm.

Now, I am not quite sure which way the little one is facing or whether he is still head down. His movements have become stronger and much more unpredictable. Sometimes it feels like he’s sucker punching me from the inside, or scraping the inside of my uterus with his feet, and other times it really feels like he’s doing somersaults or pirouettes in there. Our baby is a wild child! Sometimes, if I’m looking, I can see my belly move from the outside, which is a bit freaky but of course also cool. His kicks are no longer only in the upper left, but all over the front and a lot in the bottom right as well. So in the very least, I suspect he is now front facing. I’ll find out for sure on Thursday during my 32 week growth scan.

We took some more belly pictures today, so I had some fun putting weeks 29-30-31-32 next to each other to see my progressing belly:

Belly Progress Weeks 29-32

Every week this cute daddy-to-be squashes himself up to the opposite wall with my iPhone (just pretending in the photo below since I am taking his picture) and he takes loads of photos until this mommy-to-be has a belly shot she deems blog-worthy. He’s so patient with me.

Weekly Belly Photographer

In other news, guess what’s back in Buxton? Yup, that dangerous white stuff. Last week’s rain had finally made almost all the snow disappear in Buxton. This pregnant lady felt safe to walk the streets and park paths again without fear of slipping, falling, and crushing her little one in her belly. Now, not so much.

I hoped we were done with the white stuff. Nope :(.

Yes, the snow is beautiful, but I was really hoping Buxton had had its share for this winter. I have one more week left of work before my 13-month maternity leave, and would love to be able to that in my own branch, with my own coworkers, one town over. But it’s not looking good, snow is forecasted for every day of this week, which means it’s likely we’ll get snowed in again. Besides work, I also have several hospital appointments this week, just like four weeks ago during our first Buxton Snowpocalypse. That was an exhausting week of delayed and cancelled public transportation, work-place reshufflings, last-minute hospital reschedulings and doctors not being able to make it to appointments. I am hoping for a relaxing last week and a nice farewell dinner with my coworkers on Friday. It’s still possible, as long as that white stuff keeps melting after it comes down.


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