My Japanese Husband (Still) Thinks I’m Crazy

My Japanese Husband (Still) Thinks I'm Crazy

Of course, I am not the only Westerling married to a Japanese man. Actually when I recently started blogging again I discovered the AMWF (Asian Male White Female) and AFWM (Asian Female White Male) blogging communities. People tag their blogs with these labels so that others interested in the topic can easily find them. I guess we fall in the AMWF category, even though technically by blood I am half White, half Asian. Still, I was born and raised in the Netherlands and identify myself as a true Dutchie, therefore AMWF seems appropriate to me and helps people find us on WordPress.

Thanks to this label I discovered quite a few interesting blogs of other Westerlings married to Japanese (and other Asian) people. I love reading these blogs and relating to their stories about intercultural happenings in their married lives. One of my favorite blogs is Texan in Tokyo. It’s maintained by a Texan girl named Grace married to Ryosuke, her Japanese hunk, and she illustrates their stories with comics: double win!

Last year, she published her first comic book, and today she’s releasing her second! This girl is unstoppable! I read both comic books and they are tons of fun. These books are extremely hard to put down, you just want to keep reading. The comics are hilarious and so easy to relate to for me, you know being married to a Japanese man and having lived in Japan for years myself. But don’t worry, Grace often takes the time to explain certain aspects of Japanese culture in between her comics, to ensure that the comics are fun for anyone even those who are unfamiliar with Japan and its idiosyncrasies.

I really recommend these comic books, click on the book covers in this post to be transported to Amazon where you buy your own copies and support Grace’s work. The only complaint I have about these books is that they are too short. I always get a little sad when I finish a book that I really enjoyed. I want more!

My Japanese Husband Thinks I'm Crazy


3 thoughts on “My Japanese Husband (Still) Thinks I’m Crazy

  1. Thank you so much :D
    I’m so glad to hear you liked the books!

    (I only discovered the AMWF community about a year and some change ago – it was really surprising. But it’s also pretty fun to see other people’s relationships~)

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  2. I didn’t know the AMWF community existed either — not until last month. Then, of course, I wished I had discovered it before I met my Chinese-American significant other. Jocelyn’s ( blog could have saved me so much frustration when it came to coping with Chinese parents and their expectations for their oldest son. (Except I was younger and stupider and might not have listened to her sage advice.)

    Louana, it sounds like you had an even worse time of it than I did with the Asian Patriarch!

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    • Ha, yeah maybe it’s a thing? Troubles with the Asian Patriarch? It’s all worth it though, I found myself the bestest husband in the world! Haven’t read about your troubles yet, but I’m sure I will read about it on your blog. Always happy to find another AMWF blog!

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