Cloud Mobile

Raindrops in Progress

I love making things from felt, but it feels like it has been forever since I’ve been creative. When we lived in the States, I made plush animals and pdf patterns all day, I loved it. I had oodles of time since I wasn’t allowed to work there, but I am allowed to work here in the UK, and I do, full-time. So ever since we moved to this country my felt endeavours have been on a back burner, very very far back.


I did manage to make a few things last year, including this cloud mobile for a pregnant coworker, and now I am itching to make some things for our own baby and his nursery. Going through these old photos makes me excited to start maternity leave soon and have more time (at least until the little one gets here) to be creative again!

Cloud Mobile


7 thoughts on “Cloud Mobile

  1. Hah I just saw this entry of yours!! I am making the same!! o.O I got my inspiration from Pinterest, already made a crescent moon, some colored drops and clouds. Lately I am a bit lazy, but my goal is a baby mobile aswell :D

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