Little One Loading: 75% Complete

30 Weeks Pregnant

Another week, another bump picture! We took my first real bump picture last week, and I loved it. It’s a great souvenir, and it’s fun to see what I look like pregnant. We’ll be taking weekly bump pictures until little one comes out, and I’m curious to see how my bump changes over the next 10 weeks. Can it really get even bigger?

First Piece of Nursery Furniture ArrivedMokee Crib - Before

We received our first piece of nursery furniture! It’s a aqua colored crib (or cot as they call it here in England) from Mokee. We put it together today and I’m so happy because it’s really cute. We’ve ordered more from Mokee, and I can’t wait to receive the rest somewhere at the beginning of next month.

Mokee Crib - DuringMokee Crib - After

I really need to do some more online shopping, soon! The baby is expected to arrive in about 10 weeks, and it feels like we’re only just getting started in the baby gear department. We need to get stocked up.


13 thoughts on “Little One Loading: 75% Complete

  1. It will get bigger :)

    We had also much to do when setting up all the little things for the baby. There is just so much to think off when purchasing new things these days. The baby crib we bought it similar to yours (well all are similar in the end..) They are pretty usefull as you can adjust the height of the layer. So later on the child will start standing up and it wont be a problem as the “fence” is still high enough

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  2. Dat ziet er goed uit! Dat ‘ie nog maar lekker door mag groeien, dat is wel de bedoeling. Er moet nog 25% bij immers. :-)

    Weten jullie al wat het wordt, en hebben jullie al een naam? Niet dat je dat hier hoeft te delen hoor, ben gewoon benieuwd naar of de antwoorden ja of nee zijn. :-)

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