Djamo in Japan a.k.a. Djapan


A few days ago my little brother got on a plane and flew to Japan! He’s working on a Bachelor’s degree in Education in Belgium, and has just started a 3-month international internship at my friends’ English Conversation school in Osaka. He’s never been to Japan before, unfortunately he never got to visit me when I lived there, like the other Dutchies. I would have loved to show him around Osaka and the Kansai area myself. I actually took these two weeks off from work, in hopes of going to Japan to visit him. But I got a little (a lot) pregnant in the meantime, so I am enjoying his time in Japan from a distance. I have nothing to worry about though, my friend is taking great care of my little brother and she’s even arranged a fabulous host family for him to stay at during his time in Osaka.

Djamo found it!

So far he’s seems to be loving it! You can follow his adventures on facebook, instagram, and his blog. It’s only been three days and I am already completely addicted to his updates! He’s already been making us jealous with all the delicious foods he’s been eating. Even though he’s experiencing his first jet lag ever, he’s already done quite a lot of sightseeing and he got to meet Yasu’s brother for the first time. And he’s even been to the top of Umeda Sky Building and found our little marriage heartlock amongst a sea of other people’s heartlocks eternally locked up there. I think that’s pretty cool!

Our marriage heartlockSea of heartlocks


14 thoughts on “Djamo in Japan a.k.a. Djapan

  1. Best wishes for your brother’s internship! No doubt he’ll love Osaka. It’s a great place!
    That’s soooo neat that he found your locket though! And that it’s still there! :D

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