Snow People

Yep, it’s truly winter here and Buxton has been covered in snow most of January. We already had some light snow halfway December and quite a lot at Christmas. Last winter was quite disappointing and the locals kept cursing me for wishing for snow. So when it came this winter, I was very excited and I really loved it, as I had been asking for it. But now the holidays are over, and the snow does not seem to want to stop coming down on Buxton, I am starting to see why locals are not fond of that “white stuff” as they call it.

Old Hall HotelStuck in Buxton

What happens when the streets turn white is normal life comes to a halt and things turn chaotic. Cars are snowed into their last parking spot, buses often don’t run, and trains get stuck. So getting to work becomes a huge challenge. Yasu works and hour-long car commute away, but luckily he works in the online education department of his university. One work gathering this last week included three iPads and an iPhone on a table with coworkers from Buxton FaceTiming from home successfully taking part in the meeting.

Stuck in BuxtonStuck in Buxton

I work in the next town over, and unfortunately I can’t chime in at work over FaceTime. Most of the month, when the snow wasn’t as bad as this week that meant taking the bus to work, since my regular carpool ride has no snow tires on her car. Which meant leaving home earlier and coming home later, especially with delayed buses, which apparently is quite exhausting in my current state. Though, these last few days, the snow piled up so high buses stopped running completely. Stuck in Buxton, I got to work at two of our branches here in town, which I quite enjoyed actually. Leave home later, come home earlier, have lunch with your husband during your break, and live within walking distance from your place of work. Walking to work was quite a task though:

However inconvenient the snow may be, it still makes for gorgeous scenery.

Far Away Corbar Cross

A layer of snow makes all places in town more magical and I can’t seem to stop taking pictures. Of everything.

Opera House

Snow is not just beautiful it’s also fun. Being in a snowfall, or just trying to make your way through snowy streets, does make us feel like kids again. We already made a huge snowman this winter. If only we had a sleigh, we could have some real fun in our very own street here. I know, not a very good idea in my current state, perhaps next year with our little one.

Current State of Our Street

For now, we’ll just enjoy the snow in a very adult way. Clothed warmly, in snowboots and winter hat and with an umbrella to hide from the snow blowing through the streets.

Snow-Blown Buxton

But to be honest, I am ready for the snow to be gone. It’s really quite dangerous, especially when all the snow has been trodden on, melted down, and frozen up again into very icy paths. Trying to walk to the gym to go for a swim is an extreme workout in itself. It is so slippery, you’re using all your muscles to keep upright. And the amount of times you nearly get a heart attack because a sudden slip makes you think you’re going to fall down hard on the ice with your pregnant belly sure makes your heart pump faster and harder. In the end, you’re breathing heavily and all your muscles hurt from all the tensing. It took forever to get across the park to the gym, hand-in-hand with my hubbie also doing his very best to keep his wife and unborn child from slamming into the ice.

Broad Walk Ice RinkIcy Park Paths

It’s quite a funny sight, seeing everyone trying to make their way through the park. People go slowly, hand-in-hand, supporting one another, and even though paths are wide people walk behind each other in lining the gates and fences where the ice is thinner and where they have something to hold on to. I’m only going outside when necessary now, since I have two weeks of vacation now, I don’t have to worry about how to get to work, but I would really like to go out and do stuff without having to worry about falling down.

So please, snow and ice be gone. Soon! I hope to see you again next Christmas, but for now I am done with you, it’s time for you to leave.


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