Little One Loading: 67% Complete

Six months pregnant.

I am now six months pregnant, or 27 weeks. My third trimester has started, and our little one is expected to join us in three short months! Baby and mama are doing well, doctors and midwives are keeping a close eye on us, subjecting us to medical tests and scans left and right, and so far we’re passing all of them.

This weekend we went for a different kind of scan, a 3D/4D scan purely for entertainment and bonding purposes. And in the end we got to take home a video of our little one moving about my womb:

Did you see him play with his umbilical cord? And wave? And kick? And yawn? That last one wasn’t actually a yawn, he’s actually swallowing amniotic fluid, but it sure looked like he was yawning. He is so active and I feel him bonking about all the time. I treasure all of his little kicks and punches, and Yasu gets to enjoy them more and more from the outside as well.

At our other scans we have seen him move about as well, but we never got to take a video home, so this is a precious souvenir. Especially appreciated by his grandparents as well. But what we were really hoping for during this scan was a peek at his little face. The sonographer extensively tried 3D/4D scanning our little boy’s face, which was cool to see, but it seemed much harder than regular scanning:

Even so, we did end up with a very nice shot of his adorable little face. Pfffff, once that popped up on the screen, I couldn’t contain myself, I happily cried at the screen. Meet our little son:

Little One's Face

That’s our son right there! His left hand is making a little claw and you can make out his fingers. He looks like such a perfect little baby. The most handsome little boy in the whole world, I am sure, I am not biased at all! What a happy moment that was, seeing his little face on the screen, and later on the print, I cried so many joyful tears. I can’t wait to meet him.


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