Attending a University Graduation as Faculty – By Yasu

Master Yasu Looking Sharp

For some reason, University of Derby has graduation ceremonies in January. Because there are so many departments and graduates, the ceremonies have been taking place all week. The programmes I’m in charge of are Counselling-related, and were awarded on the last day.

Yasu Attending as StaffHelping Yasu Get Dressed

I was busy this week, so I was able to arrive at the ceremony hall just 1 hour and a half before the ceremony started. At the hall, students and academics received graduation gowns. Students wore the Derby gown which had light-blue and red, and academics got ones from their alma maters. I was lining up to get my gown, and got super happy! My gown was very cool, and got exciting colors; light-blue, vivid red, and vivid blue! Once I put it on, and walked back the corridor where people were lining up, some of them told me they liked the colors and asked where the gown was from. It was clearly different from others, and I like the gown.

I proudly walked to the waiting room for the online education. I got some pictures taken, and bragged about the gown to my colleagues.

University of Derby's Graduation HallGraduation Ceremony

Because this week was very busy, I had to go back to the office relatively soon. So I sat in the second floor audience seats. The ceremony started. The lined-up academics walked into slowly to the hall, and onto the stage. It was very ritualistic with organ music played background. I felt the fact that I am in Europe even more (although often British people don’t seem to know or ignore they are in Europe). The ceremony started with the Vice-Chancellor’s speech followed by awarding students from higher degree. When they started to announce names, I had to leave.

Although it was short, it was really a great experience for me! Next year, Louana and our baby can come to see it. Hopefully I will get the same gown :).


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