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Yasu's Homework

I have been pregnant for 26 weeks now. Wow, in less than 14 weeks we should be parents! Or perhaps we’re already parents, for months now we have been taking care of and sometimes have even worried about the health of our little unborn boy. That sounds pretty parent-y to me.

Mommy Research

As you can see from our reading materials we’re also doing our baby homework by reading up about what to expect and what best to do during pregnancy and beyond. Of course, the What To Expect book is a classic, there’s so much information in there. I tried just reading it as it is, but I find it more useful as a look-up book.

If you’re pregnant, I would really recommend the What To Expect app. I downloaded it on my iPhone for free and I love it. It guides me through pregnancy day-by-day. It knows my due date and feeds me personalized daily updates about my pregnancy, parenting news and tips, health information, latest results on pregnancy and baby research, and it also has a forum community where you can connect with other parents-to-be. My absolute favorite thing is the weekly video about the baby’s development, which shows us what the baby looks like in the womb and how it moves. Every Saturday is when a new week of pregnancy starts for me, so I always start my weekend off by watching the new video, I look forward to it every week!

What baby looks like this week.

This is what he’s supposed to look like this week, according to the What to Expect app. This Saturday we’re going to have a 3D/4D scan to see for ourselves. We’re so curious and excited to see his little face. You can see he is starting to fill up my uterus and that’s why I can feel him a lot. Every move, kick, or stomp he makes is another happy moment reminding me of what’s to come in April.


7 thoughts on “Baby Research

  1. That app is a super cool app. Haha. I’m not pregnant or anything, but I find it super interesting. Not sure if you’ve subscribed to their email list or not, but they send some really awesome emails too. lol.

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  2. This sounds so exciting and one can literally feel the love through the lines you already have for your little baby. I get all sentimental when I read about or talk to woman who are currently pregnant or have a Baby (probably my inner clock tried to tell me something ^^”). Babies are just so cute.
    I’ll definitely bookmark the app :)

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  3. or .ca or is also really good. They send regular emails throughout pregnancy and after birth and far into toddler-hood. So many times, challenges or questions I have had show up in the weekly postings. The newsletters are filled with links to related questions and the content seems to be balanced and well researched. Congrats again and feel free to ask questions! I am always happy to help out other moms whenever I can. The advice and support I have gotten from moms who have gone through what I am has been invaluable.


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