Time Capsule

An oldie of the two us, more than 9 years ago during one of Yasu’s visits to Europe.

Getting ready for the baby, I’ve been feeling the need to organize. Everything. Especially, the thousands of photos I’ve made over the years and haven’t backed up or filed in a way that I can easily find them… yet.

Going through photos, is going through memories. I like to blog memories, as a kind of time capsule, for ourselves but also for future little ones. They will be able to come here someday and see what their mommy and daddy did when they were young, how they met etc. They’ll probably think we were way too silly and cheesy, but still I believe they will find it valuable. Yasu and I are already having too much fun, just going through old blog posts and seeing how much we have changed or which goals we have accomplished.

We even found one of Yasu’s old blogs (from back in 2006-2007) when we were still in a very long distance relationship between the Netherlands and Japan. I have been reading his old posts and his writing is just so cute. I decided to add them to this time capsule, my blog. I simply didn’t want to lose those posts, they are part of our story, and I want our little ones to be able to read his writing too.

I used to blog loads, especially when we lived in Japan, and then I got tired of it for a long while. A way too long while. Going through old posts and memories I had forgotten, I have realized this online time capsule of our lives is really worth maintaining and nurturing.

So I will organize my photos. And I will post flashback posts, since there’s still so much missing on this blog. Also, I am going to try to convince Yasu to write a post for this blog from time to time.


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