How Yasu Cooks Japanese Curry Rice

Without a doubt what we miss most from Japan is the food. In California there were several decent and affordable Japanese restaurants where we could occasionally indulge our cravings, but here in England we haven’t found any. Also, San Francisco’s Japantown was a good place for us to go and buy Japanese groceries for some delicous homecooking, but the Asian supermarkets in Manchester sell predominantly Chinese products and Japanese products are far and between.

Luckily, some regular English supermarkets do sell some Japanese items, like nori, panko, shoyu, mirin, shortgrain rice and curry roux. Therefore, Yasu is able to create some yummy Japanese dishes at home. Favorite dish among our friends and family seems to be Japanese Curry Rice, and they often ask Yasu how he made it. Eager to teach his friends how to make this rather simple dish at home, he made the short video below. Now anyone can enjoy Japanese Curry Rice at home!


3 thoughts on “How Yasu Cooks Japanese Curry Rice

  1. Yummy! I made curry for dinner last night and it’s one of my favorite foods to make, it’s so easy and delicious ;)
    I hope you’ll be able to find some more Japanese ingredients in England, otherwise I can send you guys a package! šŸ˜„

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    • Thanks Mary! Actually, my friend discovered a Japan Centre in London and they have an online shopping website. So I think we may try that soon.
      I had no idea how do-able curry was until I filmed Yasu making it last week. But I don’t mind him cooking, so I’ll pretend I still don’t know how ;).

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